Denzel Rodriguez is 15 years old. He is light skin. He likes girls. He’s Hispanic. He’s in high school in the 10th grade. It was the beginning of the year the first day. He was happy his girl was in the same high school as him . They met up in lunch and after school. So they walked home together to her house  Denzel dropped her of and he left to her house. Then he goes   to his house   changes his clothes then he eats.  Then he goes to work. Denzel Rodriguez work’s with his father Miguel Rodriguez. They work in construction. Denzel’s father   told him  Denzel you can go out with your friends tonight   if you want. Denzel   was happy so he called his boys   that he met in school to see if they wanted   to go to the movies   they said yes lets meet up at 8;00 he said ok. 


He then called his girl and asked her if she wanted to go   to the movies she said yes .They met up at eight at night at 42st.They Said what up   to each other. Denzel did   not know they were drug dealers .Denzel’s friend James  ask  his  other friend Marco  if he wanted to  smoke he said ok.  Then they ask Denzel   if he wanted to smoke he said I’ve never smoked before .But ill try it .Jessica   Denzel’s girl  told him if you smoke it’s over and ill tell your father. Denzel was like I just wanna try it Jessica said no your not .

So they kept walking to the movies. They saw some kids from there block in front of the movies theater .  So James said what up and ask them if they wanna smoke they said yea so they left  to go smoke. So Denzel and Jessica started arguing. James  told  Denzel  your not  gonna join us. Jessica  said no he’s not  he never smoke and never will.  So James  took a puff and passed it on .It’s  11.00 o’clock at night .James said watch it those look like detectives. Marco told James  im  scared. James said calm down and act normal. detectives ask what are you guys  doing here at this time. and what’s that smell .James said those were some guys smoking before we got here .Jessica taped Denzel in his elbow and whispered  you see what happens for not listening to me but wait till they are gone we gonna talk. 

So  the d.t ‘s said turn around open your legs I gotta check you guys.  He checked James, Marco , and  Denzel and Jessica. Detectives told  James, Marco, Denzel I guess you guys will be  coming with me.  The young lady may leave.  So Jessica started crying cause Denzel never messed up he was always working but he messed up for following his boy’s.  Jessica went to Denzel house and told Denzel’s father that he got arrested.  So Denzel father was nervous he asked Jessica what happen.  Jessica said he invited the friends that he met in school to the movies. So they messed with drugs.  Denzel’s  father Miguel he told Jessica you tell me what happen while I drive over there. Jessica said ok. 

So they drove to the 44 precinct to get denzel. When they got to the precinct Denzel  father ask Denzel what happen.  Denzel said  we went to the movies they asked me to go with him so I went. Then while  we were walking they smoked me and Jessica were just talking. So the detectives were walking by they asked me what’s that smell James and Marco said that those were two guys before them so he frisked us and he just said I to take yah so he took us. 


So Miguel asked the d.t what did you find my son with.  The d.t’s said I didn’t find nothing but I needed to do a test to see if they were smoking.  Miguel said ok did you do the test.  The detective said no not yet  ill do it in a min when I’m done with Marco and James.  Detective  lets go Marco is your turn.  He said ok.  They went they did the test to James he came out negative so he was smoking.  So they did it to Marco he was good.  They called Denzel they sat him they took out blood  and they test it and he was lucky he was good to.  So his father told him lets go he took Jessica to her house and they dropped Marco off.


They went home when they got there Miguel was flipping on Denzel he told him I give u a chance to go out and u messed it up now I cant trust you.  so what’s gonna happen your not gonna go out if you wanna see Jessica she gotta come see you.  ok that’s the end of this problem.