Jessica's Experience



Jessica always gets up at seven every morning, eagerly getting ready for school.  She rushes around, barely having time to brush her teeth, shower and comb her hair before choosing her outfit for class.  Every morning, she calls her friend, hoping to catch her before she runs out of her house.


She dials the phone.  Rrrrring.


“Hi best friend, what’s going on?” she asks into the phone.


“hey you, what are you wearing today?”


“Nothing, just my old dress, you know which one,” Jessica replies.


“Oh, I see.  Well, I’m wearing a red shirt with a my jeans and red sneakers!”


“Cool, well bye, I’ll meet you ate the stop.  Bye,” Jessica says goodbye to her friend.


They always wait for each  other until everyone arrives. Then they walk together the rest of the way to school. Jessica is always at the station and she just happens to see the boy of her dreams passing by her.  She stares at him and looks deep into her passionate eyes. Sometimes she thinks that he is going to be the man of her whole life and the father of her kids.   She smiles, thinking about her future family she has, realizing that she’s in LaLa Land again.  She’s always at the station, with her head in the clouds, thinking about him and off in her own land not thinking about anyone else but him and her friends.  When they arrive, they wake her out of her confused state. Jessica and all of her friends last like fifteen minutes walking to school, sometimes it takes longer because her friend sometimes goes to the store to buy a juice or cookie. They always have math in the first period and the school starts at eight, so they have to be in school five minutes before they open the school and go to math class. Jessica likes math class because the boy of her dreams doe to that class and because he’s very good in math too.


Every time, when Jessica has to opportunity tot talk about the boy she likes, she always tells all of best friends that she really likes this boy.  She explains how he’s the boy of her dreams and that she wants nothing else but to be his girlfriend.  She wants it so badly, but she knows that his had a girlfriend that he’s really into her and wouldn’t ever be into Jessica.  Sometimes, Jessica gets sad because of that and if one day, if he decided to be her boyfriends, he wouldn’t like Jessica like he likes his girlfriend now. One day, the girl that Jessica doesn’t like hears one of Jessica’s conversations with one of her best friends. She hears that Jessica wants to become girlfriends of one of the boys in her math class, so she stops and thinks about it and comes up with an idea on making a prank on Jessica, so everyone laughs at her. She comes up with a plan to persuade the boy Jessica likes into pretending he likes her and breaker her heart in front of people so they can laugh at her and she can make a fool of herself, thank that a boy like that would like her.


When Jessica and her best friends were talking, her best friend was observing people when suddenly, she sat the girl that Jessica doesn’t like looking back at them with a mysterious smile.  Jessica had a feeling, she was up to something bad.  Then she saw that the girl was calling one of her friends over to her table. She called her best friend Daniel, the only boy that likes Jessica and doesn’t want that boy to go out with her. Daniel sat next to the girl that Jessica doesn’t like and were talking suspiciously to each other. The girl that Jessica doesn’t like wrote a note to the boy that Jessica likes into meeting him in a place to talk. She sends a girl to give him the letter. The next day, the boy that Jessica likes goes to the girl that Jessica doesn’t like to talk to her.  The girl told him that she wants to make a little joke to one of her friends named, Jessica and that she really likes him and that she wanted to be with him, but he said that he already has a girlfriend that everybody knows that and he’s really in love with her. So the girl that Jessica doesn’t like told him that he could make Jessica believe for one day that you broke up with your girl and that he could talk with his girl to pretend for a day until the prank was complete. The boy that Jessica likes aggress on doing the prank, but with one condition and that is that she apologizes when the prank is over because he doesn’t like being that much of a bad person.


Jessica’s best friend was walking in the hall when suddenly she hears tow friends of the girl that Jessica doesn’t like talking about the prank of the year.  Jessica’s best friend was curious about that and thought to investigate. Jessica’s best friend went to the girls who were talking and ask them which prank is going to be the one of the year.  The girls told Jessica’s best friend that the girl that Jessica doesn’t like is going to do something bad to a girl named Jessica with the boy she likes and that the prank is going to be tomorrow at 3:30 in the afternoon when English class finishes in front of the school. Jessica’s best friend asks the girls what they were going to do to Jessica and the girls answer that one of the friends persuaded the boy that Jessica likes into pretending he likes Jessica for 5 minutes and then embarrassing her front of a lot people b7y saying that she is an ugly girl and he would never go out with a girl like that and that’s how she thought about a stupid think on dreaming that a guy like him would fall in love with her. So Jessica’s best friend went running to Jessica to tell her.  When she told Jessica, Jessica couldn’t believer her. She started crying about how a boy like him could do something bad to a person who has strong feelings. So Jessica decided to not believe him when he started to talk to her and to not give the girl that she doesn’t like that satisfaction.