Happy Birthday Nicole



              On Friday, Camille wakes up to start planning Nicole birthday party. Nicole birthday is tomorrow. She called Jorge and Carlos to tell them about Nicole birthday party that she was going to do for her and she needs help their help. Jorge and Carlos went to Camille house and list all things they need and what they were going to do. The list said that Camille is in charge of the supplies and the present for the party, Jorge is in charge of the cake and Carlos is in charge of the spot where the party is going to take place. Camille said that she hope you guys don’t mess up. Guys we have a problem where are we going to get the money. Carlos mom gave him $50, Jorge mom gave him $50 and Camille mom gave her $50. In total we have $150. Carlos said that is not enough money. Why don’t we do a yard sale? Camille said yeah, we will get a lot of money. Do you guys have things that you don’t like? They both said a lot. OK Let’s Do A Yard Sale. They got their entire thing and started selling. Carlos the Dum one broke the T.V that Jorge wanted to sale. The T.V has a crack. It wasn’t noticeable. Jorge said that the T.V is not going to turn on. There was this lady giving us money for the T.V. The T.V cost $100. The lady said did it work. We said it work fin. She gave us $100 dollar for the T.V.  We made a lot of money. We are done for the day. Tomorrow we will buy all the things we need and set up Nicole birthday party.             

            On Saturday, Camille wake up and get ready. Oh my god we have a lot of thing to do. She did want nothing to go wrong. She called Jorge and Carlos and said hurry get over here we have a lot to do.  She gave a little bit of money to Jorge and Carlos to buy the cake and the spot where the party is going to take place. They have to do their job to do. They both said what your job. My job is for you guys to not mess up. Also she gets $200 dollars for the supplies, the present and the food and drink. Hey but some of the guest are going to bring food and drink said Carlos. Camille said it might not be enough. They all went to buy what they have to buy. Camille went to the store and bought the supplies that the party need and the present that are 3. One from Camille, Jorge and Carlos. She wanted to buy something nice to wear. She went to the store and bought a blue shirt, some jean and shoes.               


             The party started at 8:30 so Camille went to check if Jorge done is job. She went to Jorge house to see if he has the cake. Camille said were the cake. Jorge replies oh I forgot, I am so sorry. Camille said whatever let’s get the cake. They went to the cake shop and ask for a big cake with yellow frosting. The men said ok but it’s going to take a while. She told the men that the cake is for today. Camille gives the cake men her number to call her when the cake is ready. Carlos called Camille and said he had found a spot. Camille said yes finally someone did his job right. She hopes the spot is big because they need a big spot to do the party. They went were Carlos was to see the spot. Camille was so mad when she saw the spot. The spot was so small there was no space at all. Camille said did you give him the money. Carlos said yeah because we need a spot so he found one. Jorge reply the spot is too small. Let’s do it in Camille house it bigger than the spot. She said sure but first they need to get the money back. Camille said to Carlos you are Dum you can give the money without consulting it with us. Carlos said he was sorry for giving him the money. Why you didn’t like the spot said Carlos. Jorge replies does she have to repeat her self twice. She didn’t like it because is too small, it didn’t have space, the floor was ugly and it only have 5 chair. That why she didn’t like it. Camille said everything is going wrong. First, who known’s when the cake is not ready? Second, the spot it too small and floor is ugly. Third, the man didn’t give the money back. At list she did her job. They didn’t know what they were going to do. Camille said wait a minute. Jorge what did with the $50 dollar for the cake? Jorge said don’t get mad. He spends it on shoes. Camille said that she can get any mad. Carlos said its 5:30. Oh my god, let’s go to Camille house and do the decoration.                   

               They got to Camille house and started taking something’s out for their could be more space. Since her aunt live upstairs. They decide that they should put the sofa at her aunt apartment. Also there was nobody at the house only her cousin. She asks her cousin if he could help her put the sofa in his apartment. Her cousin said yeah why not. Jorge, Carlos, her cousin, and Camille started putting the sofa upstairs. The sofa was so heavy that Jorge was almost falling and he grabs himself and Camille could push, she let go. Then Carlos let go and so did her cousin. The sofa went falling down stairs. Camille said oh my god the sofa didn’t broke. They try it one more time and they made it. Everybody was happy but when Camille tells them that there were more sofas. They said come on we are tired. So finally, they finish with the sofa and started decorating. Carlos and Jorge put the decoration while Camille fixes the table with food and drink. She left a space for cake. We need chair said Camille. Carlos replies why. Camille said were they were going to seat at the floor. So Carlos and Jorge went to get chair from Carlos mom house. Camille finishes putting the decoration. Carlos and Jorge bring the chairs. It was 6:30 and the cake men haven’t called. Let’s wait 30 minutes. Then they went to Carlos and look for cloth that he should wear. Carlos is wearing a white shirt with a black vest and some shoes. Then they went to Jorge house and Camille look through Jorge closet. Jorge is wearing a blue shirt and black jean with shoes. The cake men called and said the cake is ready. Camille asks him over the phone how much does it cost. The cake men said $100. Camille said ok bye.


            They went to Camille's house and ask her mom if she could pay for the cake. Camille mom said ok but next times earn the money. Camille mom left for a date she has. Camille and the guys went to get the cake shop and on the way there, they saw Nicole mom and they told her about the party they have for Nicole. Nicole mom wants to put something so she gave us $60. Now they have $160. They enter the cake shop and the men gave the cake to Jorge and Camille gave him the money. They were walking to Camille house and Jorge let the cake fall. Camille said to Jorge what did you do. Jorge replies it was an accident. Camille said we still have money to buy a cake. They went to the cake shop and the cake shop was close. Carlos said were we going to get the cake. It was 7:00. Camille said we have $60 dollar so let’s make a cake. They bought the ingredients and star to make the cake. It was 8:00. So they clean up because they made a big mess. Then they finish and got change. The guests were arriving and they brought more food and drink.    


               Camille told the people to say happy birthday when Nicole arrive. Camille went and pick up Nicole. Nicole was mad at Camille because she didn’t say happy birthday.