Antonio was born on September 19, 2994.  He lives in the Bronx on Grand Concourse Plaza. He goes to Mullaly Park almost every single day to practice. When he went to Junior High School, he joined the soccer team, that’s when he met Jack for the first time. Now Antonio and Jack practice everyday to be ready for any game they have.


            One day, they had a big game in two days so the team needed to practice hard.  Jack and Antonio were practicing on their kicks and at the same time, they both said, “I’m the best” and they both looked at each other laughing. Then Jack said he’s the best, then Antonio said, “no, I’m the best.” Jack said, “Let’s battle.” Then Antonio agreed with the contest.


           The competition begins, the competition is whoever kicks the most soccer balls in each other wins so they both had to kick to soccer balls. Jack started off kicking all 10 soccer balls, he only kicked 4.  Then it was Antonio’s turn and Jack is guarding the goal. Then Antonio kicks all 10 soccer balls, he makes 7, then Jack gets mad, he wants to solve it another way.


           Jack is still mad so he’s thinking another way of settling who’s the best, so he’s thinking about fighting him, but Antonio doesn’t know the first cheering with the other teammates on the team.


           Then Jack goes up to Antonio asking him to fight Jack, but Antonio is thinking why do Jack wants to fight him then Jack is thinking about it to then Jacks says forget it, because fighting for it is stupid and worthless, so they become best buddies, at the end and keeps on practicing.