Leonel is like any other teenage. He has black hair with red high lights and blue eyes. He wakes up at 6:00am. He takes a bath, brushes his teeth and eat breakfast. His mother always says, “be good in school and stay out of trouble.”  Leonel’s house is like a boot camp. You have to wake up on time and if you don’t his mom throws hot water on his everyday. Every morning, he goes to pick up his best friend Kevin, to go to school. They have been friends for three years now.


            Leonel doesn’t have many friends in his class. They always pick on hi, They only want to be his friends when he has something cool. They are what you would call, “two face.” To be right, that’s why he gets into so many fights. Leonel is an emotional teenager. His mom is thinking of sending him to another school, because he fights a lot. Leonel was in a gang, but he left and now the gang is after him because of what he knows.


             One day, Leonel was spotted by the leader of the gang and he starts running after Leonel.  They corner him.  Luckily, Kevin was passing by and he jumped on to a metal gate and rescued Leonel.  They ran to Leonel’s house together. Leonel took a shower to clean up and Kevin stayed with him for awhile to help Leonel out.


             The next day was like any other day. Leonel was walking home when the gang leader showed up.  He was pointing a gun at Leonel. Tears ran down Leonel’s face.  BOOOM was the last sound Leonel heard before he felt the pain.   He looked down and saw his leg gushing with blood.  As he started to bleed and he fell over, a nearby cop head everything. He ran to help Leonel and bring him to the hospital.  His mother and Kevin rushed to the hospital where he was.


              On the way to the hospital, Leonel lost a lot of blood. When he got there, he fell into a coma.  The doctor tried everything to save him.  After removing the bullet, the covered the wound, but the bullet hit an artery and the shock was what sent him into a coma.  The doctors said that Leonel was going to be okay, bu7t he wasn’t   Leonel dropped dear, doctors tried to revive him, but they couldn’t. Leonel’s mother dropped to tears.  Kevin cried too, because he was his best friend. Leone’s mother had everything sorted out, they were going to move away from all of the problems, but she was too late.