Jessica's Lesson


              Jessica is 14 years old and she is Dominican. She goes to a school every day. Her hobbies are hanging out with her friends, listen to music, and spend time with her family. On regular school days, she does her homework, eats take a bath, and uses the computer after. She has one big brother named Jeffery and he is 17 and one little sister named Aileen which she is 5 years old.   


              Her father is out of the picture, she does not have a boyfriend yet, but she crushes. She likes to write poems and read poems and read poems, too. Jessica is not a bad girl, but she could get bad at times.              


               One day Jessica told her mom that she is going to a school trip. She didn’t go to school , she went to a hooky party instead. After that she was at the party. The teenagers that were there, were smoking, drinking and sexual health. Anyways the teenagers were telling her smoke, drink or have sexual health. So Jessica is telling them no, no I don’t want to do it. After a while she stays there sitting down. So then she said “You know what I’m going to try it," so her friend gave her a cigarette and she smoked for her first time. So since that day her life got ruin and she smoke ever since. So after that she went home around 3 and she smelled like cigarettes a lot. So her mom was home and she got near her mother , her mom smelled her and asked her “ Where you smoking?" She told her mom no. Her mom was arguing with her because she was smoking. So then her mom was asking her. Where you was at and she as telling her at a school trip. So her mom didn’t believe her and put her on a punishment for 1 month, no computer or going out on the weekends unless is with me ( me ).


             So one month later. Jessica is doing her homework in her room, and her mom comes in and tells her “Your punishment is off but promise me you won’t do it again.’’ Jessica said “I promise mom, I love you & thanks.” So the next day she goes to school and Jessica is talking with her friends telling them she’s not going to skip class again, because she doesn’t not want to get in trouble with her mom and also because it is dangerous and bad. One of her friends said “no, I want to go and nobody is going to stop me” and Jessica said “wow whatever, when you get caught don’t pretend I never told you -_- !”


                  Jessica solves her problem by not listening to other kids who are not going to have a future in life. Jessica regrets what she did, and now that problem is going to stay stuck in her life forever. Jessica’s life is better now because she is all grown and she is 18 years old now. The problem she had back than when she was 14, was a mess, because of that one error she did , of going to a hooky party and ruined her life.