Jeffrey's Bad Attempt


            Jeffrey Rivera was born on January 11th.  He Lives in the Bronx, NY near the Yankee Stadium. He lived in the Bronx almost all of his life. He goes to the Yankee stadium sometimes. He has two best friends, they’re always together. They do everything together. They go to a high school called Norman Thomas.  It’s a good school because the teachers are cool, and the baseball team is awesome. He is on the track team too. His height is 5'8.  Jeffrey is athletic. He knows how to dance too, he dances on the streets, he likes playing every sport because it makes him stronger.


             He was in class one day and a boy began calling him fat and other names, so Jeffrey just ignored him. Suddenly, the boy and his crew began throwing paper at him. Jeffrey was so mad, but he didn’t show them that he was mad.  When it was lunch time he went to talk to the dean about my problem in the class.  He told him that they bothered him, abused him and bullied him.  He was sick of their behavior and finally needed to get everything that was going on off of his chest.   He told him the names of the students that started it; the dean said he was going to handle it.


            When Jeffrey went to his class, the dean was there, as well as the principal.  They called Jeffrey and said, "the kids that bothered you are suspended, and they’re going to get transferred.”  Jeffrey felt like he had solved the problem by telling the dean and principal.  They seems so surprised about what happened and he knew he solved the problem the way he wanted to so he could focus more on class.             

         Now without the other boys bullying his, he could be with people he knew. He wanted to surround himself with people that work and don’t waste their time. He wanted to surround himself with people like him.  He wants a better class and a better education. He couldn’t be happier then ever now that he has a true friend and now he can study and remember everything he does. The second way he solved the problem was by telling the dean to transfer them.   Now when the boys in the crew run into Jeffrey, they apologize and they say sorry every time the see him.  Sometimes they even try to shake his hand and say, “Hey, it’s cool man, we friends now, no hard feelings", but Jeffrey just keeps walking and ignores them.  He couldn’t be happier with his decision to report them.  He’s finally able to live his life without worrying about people bothering him and getting in the way of his learning.