Drama Before The Dance



                It was a  typical Monday when Ralph woke up, took a long, hot shower and ate breakfast. He gave his mom, Penelope a kiss on the chick and rode his bike to school. On the way to school, he met up with both of his best friends, Samantha and Josh so they could walk to school together. “Hey guys are you going to the school dance on Saturday?” asked Josh. Samantha was thinking of going with Ralph and Ralph was thinking the same thing, but they didn’t want each other to know. “I don’t know,” Samantha and Ralph answered. “Yeah me either, I don’t have a date” Josh answered. The school ride was about ten minutes. They rode through a long tunnel, then turned left and rode straight down the block. Their school is really big and white. It has five floors and a huge backyard with bright green grass growing on its lawn. They are in ninth grade together. Samantha is really good in every subject, but Josh and Ralph are always goofing around. Their favorite teacher is Mr. Nelson. Mr. Nelson is their gymnastics teacher. He always makes them do their best and work hard. Josh is the star student in gymnastics, but Ralph is very competitive and always tries to beat him. After school, Ralph and Josh went to hockey practice. They’re the best players in the team, and they always win tournaments. Their teammates aren’t really good, so Josh and Ralph always have to come to practice and tournaments to save the day.


             The next day, as Ralph arrived at school, three girls asked him out to the dance. He was dying to say yes but he wanted to go with Samantha even though he didn’t know if Samantha would say yes. Josh was waiting all day for someone to ask him out to the dance, but no one asked so he decided to ask out Martha Kings.{Martha Kings was in his class, she’s a good friend of his.} “Hey Martha” he said. Martha looked at him with a smile and answered “hey Josh”. “Would you like to go to the school’s dance with me?” Josh asked. Martha’s smile turned upside down. She explained to him that she was incredibly sorry, but she already had a date. Josh felt like the ugliest person in the world, but he wasn’t going to give up. He was thinking about who to ask until he came up with asking Samantha to the dance. “She wouldn’t say no to me, I’m her best friend” he thought.


               Later on, Ralph and Samantha were having lunch together. Samantha was dying to ask Ralph out but she was very stubborn and wanted him to ask her out. They stood quiet for a moment until Ralph broke the silence and asked, “will you go to the dance with me?” with a shy expression on his face. Samantha said yes with an excited smile and left running to find Josh. She ran all over the school until she found him. “Hey Josh guess what, Ralph asked me out to the dance, and I said yes!” “I was on my way to ask you to the dance too.” He told her with a disappointed tone. Samantha felt unexcited and sad. “Really?” she asked. “Well yeah.” Josh ran across the school in disappointment. He ran so fast that he almost tripped as he turned to exit the school.                                                                                                                                       

                   Later that night Samantha called Ralph and told him what had happened. Ralph was in shock, but he also though it was funny. Samantha tried telling Ralph that she would go with Josh so that he won’t  feel bad, but Ralph said no and called Josh. When Josh answered, Ralph started laughing. He told Ralph to let him go with Samantha because no one asked him out and three girls asked Ralph out. Ralph didn’t want to go out with the other girls; he really wanted to go with his best friend instead. The two guys argued for hours but in the end they became enemies. Ralph felt that he was being fair about it because he asked her out first, but Josh felt that he should go with Samantha for the simple reason that no one asked him out. The next morning Ralph picked up Samantha on his way to school, but not Josh. He told Samantha about the fight. Samantha didn’t know what to do, she felt in the middle of all the drama. As they got to school they saw Josh waiting for someone with a bullhorn. He didn’t look very happy. When Josh saw Ralph, he started screaming in the bullhorn, “hey Samantha would you like a greedy selfish guy as a date to the dance? Would you, would you really?” As Josh kept on talking everyone started gathering up to see the argument. Samantha looked at Josh with an unhappy face. She left running and all the people around them started laughing. Ralph just stayed there staring at Josh. Then all of the sudden he jumped on top of Josh. Josh tried to get him off but he just kept on hitting and scratching him. After about one minute, the school’s deans came and broke up the fight and took them to his office. The dean tried to get to the bottom of the problem, but they kept arguing until the dean gave them the idea of doing a three way date to the dance. Josh and Ralph stayed thinking for a moment, and finally agreed to go as a three way date but they’re still not friends.


 The day finally came, the dance!! It was 1:38 P.M, Ralph was getting ready for the dance and his mom was taking pictures like crazy. He hated pictures but he permitted it for this one time. Samantha was nervous. She didn’t know how things would come out, but she tried to keep calm. At 4:00 P.M, Ralph and Josh were on Samantha’s front door. They were pushing each other to be the first one to see Samantha. When she opened the door, Josh and Ralph’s faces dropped. She had a long red dress with high heels. “Wow, you look beautiful” said Ralph. She thanked him and got in the van. The ride was long and quiet until Ralph got tired of being mad and said, “fine I’m sorry, we shouldn’t be fighting over our own best friend.” Josh agreed and the three friends hugged each other. At the dance they got voted best dressed and best couple. They danced all day long, by 8:00 P.M. They were ready to go home. This would be a day that they would never forget.