Did your life ever change when someone did something kind to you? Well in the stories “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes and “Stray” by Cynthia Rylant, kindness changed Doris’s and Roger’s life. In “Stray” Doris is kind by taking a dirty puppy that was alone and hungry on the street. In “Thank You M’am” Ms Jones was kind by giving Roger money to buy shoes after he tried to steal the money from her.

            Roger’s plan was very sneaky. Ready to run he stared as the large women with her large bag walks down the lonely and dark sidewalk. He runs and snatches the bag hoping he would get away with the bag but the women tugged it and Roger fell on his back as the strap broke and the bag fell. “Pick up my pocketbook boy, and give it here” The women, Ms Jones, said as she held on to the front of his shirt as Roger repeatedly asked for forgiveness. Ms Jones noticed that his face was dirty so she dragged him home and made him watch his face. She fed him and left the door open so he had the chance to run the entire time but he chose not to.

            In Stray Doris finds a small puppy on the street, lonely and hungry the little puppy shivers on the cold sidewalk. She brought the puppy home and begged her parents to let her keep the puppy but they told her “you know we can’t afford it.” Doris tried everything but they just said no. The puppy was quiet and he was smart but when Doris tried to explain that to her parents her father said “You try to act more grown up about this.” When it was time for the dog to the pound Doris’s father came back with the puppy and he let her keep it.

            In the end of both stories Roger and Doris learn, if someone gives a simple act of kindness it could change someone’s life forever. Doris took the dirty, sick puppy home even though she found him outside and he can have a disease. Roger tried to steal Ms. Jones pocketbook and she took him home to clean him and fee him. Ms Jones was very kind even after Roger almost got away with her bag.

            The two stories “Thank You M’am” and ‘Stray” relate to my life because I foster cats and I am very kind to them. I make sure they are happy and safe just like Doris makes sure the puppy is safe and happy. They trust me and I always give them a chance no matter what they do. They will always have a place in my heart.





I love your last sentece.

I love your last sentece.