"It doesn't matter what you look like outside, but how you are inside."


            Have you ever seen someone have a great personality? This means the person is a generous, kind, helping, and cheerful type of person who could make others happy. Did you ever feel the person with a good personality should get a reward? In the stories “Mother and Daughter” by Gary Solo and “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes, the theme statement is “It doesn’t matter what you look like outside, but how you are inside.” “Mother and Daughter” and “Thank you M’am” are two stories about poor people. Roger in “Thank you, M’am” wanted a pair of suede shoes but he couldn’t afford it so he tries to steal the pocketbook from Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. Yollie in “Mather and Daughter” had a mother who couldn’t afford purchasing the new dress Yollie wanted for the 8th grade dance. Yollie had to go to the dance with her old summer dress her mother dyed black. In the end in both stories, the two children get the item they wanted to impress others with. Yollie got a new outfit and shoes while Roger got his suede shoes. Both stories showed how the main character wants an item but can’t have it for the moment until the adult they are with realizes Yollie and Roger should get the item. The adult notices the children are good people inside but needs to be taught a lesson.

In “Mother and Daughter” the theme is “It doesn’t matter what you look like outside, but how you are inside.” Yollie was a girl who wanted to get a new expensive dress. Her mother, Mrs., Moreno, was upset she couldn’t provide her a new dress but she could only afford a new pair of shoes. “We don’t have the money,” said Mrs. Moreno. In the end of the story, Mrs, Moreno takes out money from her secret area to buy Yollie a new blouse, skirt and a pair of shoes. Her mother saw how Yollie was a good girl inside since she went through the embarrassment of going to the dance in a dyed dress which was bleeding out. Mrs. Moreno saw her daughter’s personality which would be the same personality as a person who is a wonderful at helping and is intelligent. In “Mother and Daughter” the theme is also backed up with evidence when the boy, named Ernie Castillo, was worried about her. Ernie really liked Yollie because she was pretty but more importantly, he had a feeling he was with the right girl. He knew Yollie was the perfect girl because she handles problems by herself without being dramatic about it. Ernie was happy to know Yollie was not upset at him and was probably happy Yollie told the truth. Yollie may not be the best dressed girl but she has an amazing personality.

            In “Thank you, M’am” the theme is also “It doesn’t matter what you look like outside, but how you are inside.” Roger is a boy who doesn’t have anyone at home to teach him or take care of him. When he decided to steal the purse from Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, he was caught and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones wanted to teach him a lesson. She also saw the desperation in Roger’s eyes and felt as if she needed to help him or it was her duty to help Roger through the tough time he is going through. “You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong,” said Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. She treated Roger the way she wanted someone else to treat her. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones knew Roger could have been a good person inside so she wanted to try to fix him. She wanted to show Roger he had a good personality and just needed to ask for money to receive the suede shoes he wanted.

The stories “Mother and Daughter” and “Thank You, M’am” have themes of “It doesn’t matter what you look like outside, but how you are inside.” Both stories have a plot to show how people want to help or treat others because they get a feeling the person who needs help is a good person inside but still needs to learn. The person helping the other felt a feeling when they looked into the eyes of the person. They felt as if they needed to help that person and teach him or her lesson they will know for the rest of their life. Even though the stories are similar, they are still different. The stories are different by “Thank You, M’am” telling a story about how Roger is getting treated as a son by a stranger named Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. Roger also went home with her to get fixed up and disciplined. In “Mother and Daughter” the story is about Yollie and her own Mother. This means the two of them already are in a relationship.

The theme is “It doesn’t matter what you look like outside, but how you are inside.” This theme is a good statement to remember because this way you know not be too self – conscious about your beauty outside but your personality or “beauty” inside. This theme statement connects to my life by knowing to always stay the personality I want to show everyone I am instead of being angry at the items I can’t have. There was a time in my life when I wanted a new pair of shoes however my mother said we didn’t have enough money. These shoes were Nike’s and were very popular. I wanted to impress everyone at my school with the shoes since they were really nice. After I got over the fact I couldn’t have them, my mother secretly took some money out of the bank she was saving for me and bought a different pair of shoes for me. These shoes were even better because my mother sacrificed the money for me. She told me “You can have the most expensive dress, shoes, hair band, or accessory, but the person you are inside is what really counts.”