What Go's Around Comes Around.


       Would you steal? Well in the story “Thank You, M’am” by: Langston Hughes a man named Roger tries to steal a woman’s pocketbook. The woman’s name is Ms. Jones. The theme in this story is that “What goes around comes around.” Do you now how to read? Well in the story” Thank you, Mr.Falker” by: Patrica Polacco is about a girl named Trisha that doesn’t know how to read. Trisha got teased everyday in elementary school. The teacher Mr. Falker tries to teach Trisha how to read. In this story the theme is “practice makes perfect.”                           

      Thank You M’am is about a man trying to steal Ms. Jones pocketbook. Ms. Jones yanks her pocketbook back and makes Roger fall on his back on the floor. “Pick up ma pocketbook boy, and give it here”. Ms. Jones picks Roger up off of the floor with a firmly gripped hand on his shirt front. Ms. Jones dragged Roger to her apartment. Ms. Jones washes Rogers face. “Is there anyone home boy” said by Ms. Jones. “No” said standing there Roger. She feeds him dinner and she shares a piece of pie with him.  When they were done something shocking happened Ms. Jones told Roger “if you wanted those blue swade shoes all you had to do was ask”. Ms. Jones gave Roger the money for his blue swade shoes.           

          Thank You, Mr. Falker is about a girl named Trisha. Trisha doesn’t know how to read.  This boy named Eric teases Trisha everyday in elementary school. Mr. Falker was Trisha’s new teacher. Trisha didn’t know how to read and she would always hide under the stairwell. One day Eric followed Trisha and found where she would hide during free time and recess. Mr. Falker saw Eric getting everyone to make fun of Trisha. He tried to put a stop to it. Eric went to the principles office.  Eric learned a lesson “what you do to others they will do to you.” Mr. Falker told Trisha to stay after school with him and Miss Plessy. It doesn’t take Trisha long to learn how to read. In no time Trisha new how to read. “If you put your all in it then you can get it.”           These stories have there similarities and differences.  “Thank You, M’am and Thank You, Mr. Falker” there similarities are that they both want something. Roger wants new blue swade shoes and Trisha wants to learn how to read. The differences are that Roger didn’t try to earn them. Trisha earned hers by practicing.            

            “What you do to others they will do to you.” I have a personal connection to the story “Thank You, M’am” because I almost had something stolen from me. It was my own cousin. She learned her lesson like Roger did. She got grounded


Great essay! I love your

Great essay!

I love your theme statement and you included alot of evidence that backed up you theme statement.

 that is good .

 that is good . great!!!!!!!!!!

 that is good .

 that is good . great!!!!!!!!!!

Nice essay. I liked your

Nice essay. I liked your essay very much though you put  a lot of summerizing I think n the  Thank You Mr. Falker paragraph. But you did a very great job on it!