"Thank You Mr.Falker" and "Thank You Ma'm"


           “Thank You Mr.Falker and Thank you Ma,m”


Did you ever try riding a bike, playing a video game, or tried to do something you wanted to succeed in? Did you give up or did you get back on your feet and try again? The theme in Thank You, Mr. Falker is keep trying never give up. The theme for Thank you Ma’m is stealing is not going to get you anywhere.                                                                                                                              The story “Thank You Ma’m” is written by Hughes Langston. The story is about a kid named Roger. He tried to steal a woman’s purse. When Roger grabbed the bag the women grabbed it back so hard he fell on the floor. She asked him to come home with her. He was hungry, so she gave him something to eat. In the end when he was about to leave she gave him $ 10 .00                                                                              The story “Thank You Mr.Falker” Trisha didn’t know how to read. When she got to 5th grade she had help from a teacher and Mr.Falker. The teachers wanted to help her read so she wouldn’t keep getting made fun of. By the end of the year Trisha new how to read.                                                                                                                                            The similarity in “Thank you Mr.Falker” and “Thank You Ma’m” teaches a lesson. In “Thank you Ma’m” is you wouldn’t always get what you want. In “Thank You Mr.Falker” teaches a lesson for keep trying never giving up. So those are the similarities for both of the stories.                                                                                                             The two stories have a lot in common. They both share similarities. When I was little I didn’t know how to read. I used to always read so slowly and, I always had trouble pronouncing words.  So that is some similarities with Thank You Ma are and Thank you Mr.Falker.