"You Can't Always Get What You Want"


Can you always get what you want? Mother and Daughter by Gary Soto and Thank You Ma’am by Langson Hughes are two most realistic short stories. Both Yollie and Roger are teenagers who wanted something so badly they would do anything to have it. The teenager characters finally get what they wanted. The theme statement created is you can’t always get what you want. Sometimes when times are rough, you need t o decide what is important. For Yollie, was a new dress more important than a good education? For Roger, were sneakers worth going to jail for? Comparisons can be drawn in both literary works.

In the story, Thank you Ma’am by Langston Hughes the theme statement is you can’t always get what you want. This applies for Roger because he wanted a pair of shoes so badly he would rob a lady’s purse. When Roger made his attempt to steal the purse, he got caught and Mrs. Jones dragged Roger to her house. Mrs. Jones said “Wash your face while I get you something to eat.” Right before Roger was about to leave Mrs. Jones talked to him of how stealing is bad and then gave him $10 to buy the shoes. The women might call the cops to get him arrested. Just because Roger got lucky doesn’t mean you should take a risk and steal.

            In the story, Mother and Daughter by Gary Soto the relationship between Yollie and Mrs. Moreno is very strong. The theme statement is “you can’t always get what you want” applies for this story too. Yollie has an upcoming dance and she really wants to impress Ernie Castillo, the third best speller oin the class. She asks her mom, Mrs. Moreno if she can buy her a dress. Mrs. Moreno says “We really don’t have the money now Yollie, but don’t worry, I’ll find something nice for you.” Mrs. Moreno buys black dye to dye one of Yollie’s white summer dresses black. Yollie wears the dress and she looks beautiful. Yollie did impress Ernie and then it started to rain. Everyone ran inside and all of the girls ran to the bathroom to fix up. When Yollie looked down, she noticed her dress was bleeding black dye. Yollie ran home immediately because she was embarrassed anyone would see. Mrs. Moreno felt so bad because it was her idea. Yollie gets a dress she wanted from her mom’s saving for school. The endings in both of the stories are the same because Roger and Yollie both got the money they wanted.

            There are many similarities and differences between Mother and Daughter and Thank You Ma’am. Some similarities are Roger and Yollie are both teenagers wanting something they cannot have. In the end, Roger and Yollie end up getting the money they needed to buy what they wanted. The difference is how Roger and Yollie got the money. Yollie’s mother, Mrs. Moreno remembers money she has been saving for Yollie’s education. Roger tried to steal Mrs. Jones purse but his attempt failed. After a long lecture Mrs. Jones gave Roger the ten dollars. Roger could have been put into jail, he committed a crime.These two stories have the same concepts but different solutions.

            I have a very common situation such as Roger and Yollie’s problem. I really wanted a laptop but I couldn’t get it. My parents kept saving “we’ll save up the money. We can’t give you the laptop now but you will get it.” I know adding another computer to the house would be a lot of money and take up space. Having a laptop can also be a big responsibility to. You need to get an internet hooked up and you need a word program. Also if the laptop breaks, you would have to get it fixed which also can be a lot of money. Around Christmas time, I was opening my gifts and I saw it, a gray, dell, shiny full sized laptop. Just what I have wanted and have been waiting for. I was so happy I screamed. My parents have been saving their money to buy me what I wanted. Roger, Yollie, and I all wanted something we couldn’t get at the time, and then finally got it. Always remember, you can’t always get what you want!