'' Trying your hardest will help you during the hard times ''

In the stories I read ‘’ Thank you Mr. Falker ‘’ and ‘’ Thank you M’ am ‘’ have similarities but differences to.  Trisha a young girl fears reading since she has problems with reading. As a young girl kids teased her about her reading. As the story goes on she begins to believe all the rumors and things the kids mentioned about her were true but as she was just about to give up they moved and she met a man named Mr. Falker.Mr. Falker helped her with her struggles with reading. Trisha finally concurred reading and shows all the children that she can read. Trisha learned a very valuable lesson as she learned to read; when trying you’re hardest you shall always concur your fears. In the story ‘’ Thank you M’ am ‘’ a boy named Roger decides he is going to steal a ladies purse to get his new suede shoes but his plan back fires and the lady ends up taking him to her house to deal with the matter . The boy learns you cannot just steal, instead just ask or work hard for you personally wanting. In both stories Trisha a young girl and a boy named Roger learned that in order to get something you must word hard for it or there will be consequences.At the end of the story ‘’thank you Mr. Falker ‘’Trisha finally gets what she wants since she worked so hard for it by staying after class with Mr. Falker and studying. In the story ‘’ Thank you M’ am ‘’ Roger learns that stealing means consequences.  


This is a really short essy.

This is a really short essy. You should follow the outline and have 5 paragraphs instead. There should also be more details or evidence to prove your theme statement fits into the short stories.

I think that this story is

I think that this story is nice and interesting but, it seems like you should add some paragraphsto mkae it look better!