Thank You Mr. Falker and Thank You M'am


            The theme statement for Thank you Mr. Falker and Thank you M’am is you have to work hard to achieve something you want. In Thank you M’am Mrs. Jones got robbed by a boy, but caught him. The boy was named Roger and was poor. When he was caught Mrs. Jones taught him a lesson he will never for get. His lesson was “You have to work hard to achieve something.” Also in “Thank you Mr. Falker” a girl named Trisha had trouble reading. So the teacher helped her and she worked hard to read.


OWWW! said Roger when he fell trying to rob the old ladies purse. He decided to rob the old lady because he needed money to buy a nice pair of shoes. But the problem was he didn’t have enough money to buy it. So he decided to steal Mrs. Jones the old ladies purse. When he tried to steal the purse, the tag broke and the old lady caught him. So he dragged him to her house and fixed him up with dinner. She asked him a few questions like, “Why did you decide to rob me?” Roger said he needed money to buy a pair of new shoes. When he left, Mrs. Jones taught him a lesson is that you can’t always get what you want because you have to work hard to achieve it. Before he left she gave him $10.00 to buy the shoes and to never make this mistake again.


             Sniff Sniff! Trisha was in trouble. Trisha’s trouble was she couldn’t reading until the 5th grade. When she was in the 5th grade she was teased by many of her classmates just because she can’t read. One of the rudest children was named Eric who teased her. One day Eric waited her at the stairs and teased her. She was depressed until Mr. Falker came. Mr. Falker and another teacher named Miss. Plessy taught her. She didn’t get almost all the words and got sad. She ran home and finally thought it over and she worked hard to achieve how to read.


            In both of the story it’s about working hard to achieve something. It doesn’t matter that you want to buy something that you really wanted but you can’t just rob someone just because you don’t have it. You have to work hard to achieve something for your entire life. Also when I was little I couldn’t tie my shoelaces but I listened to my sister and work really hard on making a knot and finally I did it. So you should always work hard to achieve what you want.


            The theme statement was you have to work hard to achieve something and that was what I did. When I was 5 years old I went to a store with my mom and saw a toy that I wanted. It was a laptop that had a camera installed into it. I asked if my mom could you by it for me but she said no. Instead she said that you have to do chores like clean my room and others to earn money. But I said why should I have to work to get it. She said that money doesn’t grow on trees, they come from the work you did that. So I understood it and from now I saved up all the money from my chores and I even forgot about the laptop. So you see if you work hard, something that you want would be yours.