"In order to get something, you have to earn it."

                         Essay For Stray and Thank You M’am  

            Did you ever ask your parents for something you really wanted? Did they ever tell you to go earn it yourself? In the stories “Thank You, M’ am” by Hughes Langston and “Stray” by Cynthia Rylant the theme is in order to get something, you have to earn it. This theme focuses straight on how you can achieve or receive better objects in life with proud faces! This theme is very important in both of these stories.

            In the story “Thank You, M’ am” a boy stole an old lady’s purse. The boy, who’s name is Roger wanted to buy shoes but, he didn’t have money, nor did he have anyone at home. So, he decided to steal a random lady’s purse called Mrs. Jones. He wasn’t really aware that the lady was different. She was violent, but she still gave the money to him. Roger was very surprised and he learned his lesson!

         In “Stray”, a girl named Doris found an abandoned puppy. She wanted to keep it but, her parents couldn’t afford to have one. So, until the weather cleared, she was able to keep it. Then, one day the weather was clear and her father took the puppy to the pound! Luckily, her father saw that the pound was very strict! There were ten dogs in one cage, the smell was horrible and disgusting, and after six days, they would kill the dogs with a shot! Then, it was clear that Doris was going to keep the dog when her father said, “Well, are you going to feed it or not?”

         Both of these stories has a major character who wants to achieve something or receive something that the character cannot get. There is also a major conflict in both stories. So, I believe that the character should earn what they want to have, in order to get it. Doris in “Stray” was terribly disappointed because, she wanted to keep the dog but, she couldn’t. Then, finally she started working hard and taking care of the dog to earn it. She took responsibilities and carried them faithfully that she would try her best and never gives up! In “Thank You, M’ am” Roger stole Mrs. Jones purse to get money out of it instead of earning it in a respectful way! So, both authors were able to explain and describe their themes in their story.
         So, as you can see, this theme is really important to keep and use in life. I asked my mom many times for a toy or a game and she would say, “I don’t have money on me today. Can you ask next time or go earn it?” After that, I was focused on getting that one object I wanted. I tried to save enough money for that object and finally I bought it! This is a theme I will always remember in life!   



Good Job!The evidence in

Good Job!

The evidence in your story made me see the true meaning of your theme statement.

The words you used made your

The words you used made your writing seem to work , your writing seems perfect buti feel you put way more deatails than needed