you can't always get what you want


           Would you steal just to get something you really want? I don’t think so, or would you? Well maybe you should try some other way. Like a more generous way. A boy named Roger tries to steal from an old woman. He really wanted money for a new pair of suede shoes. The woman took him back to her apartment. She fed him, told him stories, and even gave him money to buy the pair of shoes. I’m sure everyone would try their best to get what they want. Like a simple girl, who doesn’t know how to read, but tries very hard. She goes through pain. She got bullied because she didn’t know how to read. She felt dumb. She got extra help from her teacher. At last she did really learn how to read.  Roger really wanted a new pair of suede shoes, and tried to rob for it. He got nobody home, he’s hungry, and he’s poor. He tried to rob from an old lady, but the old lady defended herself. She took him home, and fed him, and taught him a lesson, “You can’t always get what you want”. The same thing goes with Trisha, the little girl who doesn’t know how to read and tries her best!  These stories sometimes connect to my life. I used to not understand English and can’t communicate to my classmates, man that felt lonely. I used to get bullied too, like Trisha the girl that doesn’t know how to read. I always wanted a lot of things. Too bad I couldn’t have it all. So, I had to leave it. Sometimes, if I really wanted something I would have to sacrifice something for it.