Think before you leap


Have you ever picked up a stray dog? Well in the story “Stray” Doris a girl who finds a stray dog out in the cold, shivering, hungry, and alone. Doris takes the dog in and asks her parents if she could keep the dog but her parents said “no” then Doris asked why and her father said we don’t have enough money to keep a dog. Doris doesn’t quit asking and asking if she could keep the dog.


Have you ever stolen before? Well in the story “Thank you Mam” the boy named Roger is trying to steal the old, large women’s. Roger fails at the stealing and falls do to his weight and the large women’s purse. The old lady pulls him up by his collar drags him to her apartment and leaves the door open while she is cooking she tells the boy to wash his face because it says in the story “I wouldn’t take you anywhere with that face of yours” “go wash your face”. The old lady feeds Roger even thought he said he wasn’t hungry and then she gives Roger the ten dollars to buy the blue swage shoes.


The similarities in “Stray” and “Thank you mam” are that Doris and Roger both wanted something.  Doris wanted to keep the stray dog while Roger wanted the blue swade shoes. A difference in the two stories is Doris kept asking on asking to keep the dog. While Roger tried stealing money for the blue swade shoes. A similarity is that in the end they both got what they wanted.


The theme statement for “Stray” and “Thank you mam” are think before you leap because Doris didn’t think that her parents wouldn’t say no so she just brought it in and Roger just tried stealing instead of asking. Some new in sights are that I never thought that Roger would steal like I stole from stole from a store and succeeded unlike Roger did and get caught by the lady  Also how Doris wanted the dog I couldn’t get new cards until I finally deserved them.