You should never stop helping others

Would you ever pick up a dog and take it home that is abandoned and is dirty? Would you ever help a boy who is dirty looking and who tried to steal your purse? I read two stories, “Stray” By Cynthia Ryland and “Thank you Mam” By Langston Hughes. The theme for both short stories is you should never stop helping others. Helping others make you and the other person happy. I choose this theme because the main character had a problem and another person helped him derive to a solution.    My evidence for the theme in “Thank you Mam” is when Roger tries to steal the purse of a large, senior woman; she still helps him at the end. She yanks the purse, full force away from him. Roger drops to the floor. Mrs. Jones picks him from the collar and takes him to her home. She commands him to wash his hands and face, upon reaching her home. She also leaves the apartment door open. He is so frightened and he quickly obeys. After that both of them have something to eat and then the woman gives him money to get the shoes he wants. So that’s why I think the theme is you should never stop helping others because the woman helped the boy and gave him money.    My evidence for the theme in “Stray” is, when Doris finds a puppy and Doris takes him home. Doris asked her parents if she can keep it they said no. Doris father told her that when the weather gets better and the road gets better and the road gets better for travelling then he will take the puppy to the city. Doris took care of the dog very well. She tried to ask her parents many times if she can keep the dog but they ignored her and said no. Eventually her dad went to the shelter and comes back home with the dog because he changed his mind and let’s Doris keep it. This shows that she never stopped helping the dog and her parents decided to help too.    The major similarity for the story “Stray” and “Thank You Mam” is that  the dog in “Stray” and the boy, Roger, in “Thank You Mam” are both stray. That’s because Stray means animal that is wandering at large or is lost. In a way this definition fits for the boy as well. The dog did not know where he was going and neither did the boy Roger. In both stories the main character was helped by another person. In “Stray” a girl named Doris, helped the dog when nobody was there for him. In “Thank You Mam” the women helped Roger not even knowing his background when Roger needed money for new shoes. The difference about the two stories is that in “Stray” the main character and the stray is the dog and in “Thank You Mam” the main character and the stray is the boy, Roger.     I personally believe that the theme is correct. People should help each other. This is why I choose the theme that you should never stopping helping others. This theme relates to me by, my sister always helps me with my homework, my projects, and also helps me study for tests. She never asks anything in return.