Mother and Daughter to Thank You M'am Xuanjia Fan


   You should really work on your inside, not your outside. Being good also contributes to people liking you. In the stories Mother and Daughter and Thank You M’am, both main characters want to look good and get new clothing. In Mother and Daughter, Yollie wanted a new dress. Her mother didn’t have enough money so she painted a dress black. The dress got ruined in the rain and Yollie runs home leaving Ernie, the boy she likes. In Thank You M’am, Roger wants new shoes. He tries to steal money from Mrs. Jones who just happens to be walking by. She takes Roger in and teaches him about how to treat others the way he wanted them to treat him. Mrs. Jones gave the money to bye the shoes and Roger goes away never seeing her again.

    Mother and Daughter is all about how Yollie gets ready for her school dance. Since her mother and she just escaped from Mexico, they didn’t have enough money for a new dress. Yollie’s mom dyed a dress black and it turns out great and looked new. At the dance, Yollie danced with Ernie, the boy she likes. Then, rain started pouring and everyone went inside. Yollie’s dress was ruined and she ran home leaving Ernie. She gets really mad at her mother. Yollie regrets it later and Ernie calls. He asked Yollie to a movie. Ernie actually liked Yollie not because of her dress, but her personality.

     Roger, a boy in Thank You M’am, wants money to buy new shoes. He tries to steal a purse from Mrs. Jones. Roger failed and got caught by Mrs. Jones and she took him home. Mrs. Jones was also poor when she was little so she helped Roger to be a better person by not stealing or lying. Mrs. Jones made Roger wash up and fed him food. She also gave Roger $10 to buy the shoes he wanted. Roger changed because of Mrs. Jones’s personality. He didn’t even want to escape when he had the chance to run out the open door. Roger would most likely have become a better person because he knows better now from Mrs. Jones.

     I am similar to the theme your inside is more important than what you look like. My friends don’t like my clothing, but they are my friends. I am myself and that’s why they want to be my friends. I don’t wear new clothing all day and people still like me. I am me and that’s why I have good friends.