“Mother and Daughter” expresses a powerful theme statement .Does it matter how much money you have or does it matter if you are moral.Yollies mother does not have enough money to buy her a new dress.Roger does not have enough money for new shoes and deeded to rob someone to get what he wanted.

                     In “Mother and Daughter” Yollie dyes an old dress black for her dance.But her dress bleeds out at the dance because it is raining.So she got embarrassed and went home.Roger wanted to steal Mrs.Jones purse to buy new sneakers.Mrs.Jones pushes him away and asks him a few questions.She learns he has no parents.So she brings him to her home and tells him to eat,wash his face,then she gives him money to buy his shoes and tells him if he asked he would get money from her if he asked.If Roger was moral he would have got what he wanted.As in “Mother nd Daughter”Yollie leaves because of what she looked like and she is embarrassed.But her friends do not judge her on that.

                       In both stories the theme is the same.In “Thank you mam” Roger would have gotten what he wanted if he was moral.In “Mother and Daughter” Yollie would have gotten what she wanted if she was moral enough to stay and not think about how she looked.She wanted to have a good time at the dance.If she stayed she would.She should not have been embarrassed because  her friends judge her based on who she is on the inside.

                       This theme relates to me because one time there was this new item all my friends had and I wanted.So one day went to my friends house and everyone had this item.I became embarrassed  and said I did not feel well and left.Even though I did not have enough money for this certain item and I did not have  it I would still be able to have fun with my friends.I fi was moral enough to stay I would get what I wanted