Bad Things Can Lead To Good Things


In both stories Holes and Thank You Ma’am, a theme that best fits both stories is that “Bad Things can lead to Good Things”.

            In the story Holes, Stanley takes a pair of sneakers that didn’t belong to him; and was sent to Camp Green Lake which is a juvenile detention center. Even though he was sent their, he manages to break the curse that’s been running through their family for over 80 years, and his father finds a way to eliminate foot odor.

            In the other story Thank You Ma’am, Roger attempts to steal Mrs. Jones’ purse, but failed and was dragged into Mrs. Jones’ house. Even though Roger attempted this, Mrs. Jones chose kindness over punishment and was fed dinner, $10, and a wash in the face. In the end, Roger felt regretful for what he did.

            Some similarities in the story was that Zero and Roger both wanted sneakers. There were some differences like when Roger was treated fairly for something bad, and Stanley was treated poorly or doing something he didn’t.

            I could feel how Stanley felt because I get blamed for things I didn’t do just like Stanley. It isn’t fair for Stanley. My brother and I were playing catch in our bedroom and my brother accidently hit the lights. My brother quickly put the ball in my hand and my mom came. She said who did it and my brother said “Why’d you do it Brian?” and I got in trouble.


I get blamed sometimes to

I get blamed sometimes to