Ashley A

As I open my eyes to the new day, it is dark. There is nothing but darkness all around me. I start to panic, there should be some light. My feet hit the floor beside the bed. Deciding my room has been a personal cage long enough, leave. Down the stairs my knees begin to wobble. At the bottom are things I do not want to know. Though I know if I am to continue I must over come this hurdle. As my foot passes the last step I am breathing hard. Wondering if he will be there, will he smile, will he cry, or will he hate me now? Walking in the doorway I stop. He is here, I hear him, he is crying. What have I done? Should I have stayed in bed? I am feeling weak as if I were about to fall. Even as my eyes shut I feel so much warmth.

She is okay! Never have I felt so relieved. Tears are sliding down my face. Before I could think, she was falling to the floor. On instinct I caught her in my arms and we lowered to the ground. I held her close to my heart, I could have lost her forever. The acid ruined her eyes. She has been asleep since so no one knows how badly yet. The doctor thinks she may never see again. Her eyes were so important to her art. Will she be able to continue?

Opening my eyes I can see. I CAN SEE! Oh thank god. I can see his face. The face of the man I love. He looks at me, as I look at him. And I hold onto him as my world spends, because I never want him to leave. As I feel his arms tighten I know he loves me. Together we lay our breathes slow, our hearts beat, and together we fall to sleep forever in that moment. Holding each other in our arms, as time and the world moves on.

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This is a great piece of

This is a great piece of writing. I found myself lost within the world you illustrated. The only problem I have with this is minor; the last paragraph felt like you jumped and I skipped something, but other than that, it was perfect. Nice job and happy writing....