Ancient Greek Myth

Sarahi Holguin
M.S 322 Class 607
Sarahi Holguin
Ancient Greek Myth


                                               Ancient Greek Myth
  Hera and her husband Zeus were shopping at the agora for the dinner that they were going to have later that night. While they were shopping Hera noticed Zeus kept flirting with all the young girls there. He flirted with the young clerks, and some of the young female buyers. Hera did nothing because she knew he would not listen to her and he would not stop. She instead came up with a plan to catch him red handed so she could tell all her friends. So she thought for minutes, hours, and she thought. She said in her mind,
  "What if I were to transform myself to a very young girl and wait until he flirts with me."
 She thought it was a good idea. So she canceled the dinner and let Zeus take her home and she told him.
  When Hera and Zeus got to Mt. Olympus they went up stairs passed their bedrooms and through the bathroom and both of them got undressed. Then they put on their PJ’S, brushed their teeth and went to bed and fell asleep.
  During the middle of the night Hera had dreams about her plan. The dreams showed.....
  A young white girl, blonde, between 100lbs-120lbs, Age around late 20's. In her dreams the young girls name is Parker. Parker and Zeus are in a bar talking when Zeus asks Parker back to her house. Parker says yes.
                                                THEN HER MIND WENT BLACK.
  At about 10 in the morning when Zeus and Hera get up from bed, go to the bathroom to take showers and brush their teeth. Then about 1hr later at 11:15 in the morning and go down stairs and fix each other some breakfast. After that Hera thought she should start her plans later that night. So while Zeus ate breakfast Hera made some calls. She called a real estate agent Kate and got a good looking house and waited for later in the night.
                                                 LATER THAT NIGHT.
  Hera transformed into Parker and waited on earth for Zeus. In 5 min. Parker followed Zeus into a club called "Night". When Parker went in she saw Zeus kissing a human. It was Kate, the real estate woman who got Hera the house for her big plan. Parker waited and waited for Kate to leave. While waiting she looked around, she saw a lot of teenagers drinking but, she did nothing because she thought it was none of her business. Then about 15 minutes! later Parker saw that Kate went to the bathroom so she made her move. Parker walked up to Zeus and asked for a drink and Zeus checked her out.

  "This one is on me." Zeus told her.
  "Oh you most come here a lot." Hera/Parker said responded.
  “You could say that i just know my drinks and my type."Zeus said smiling.
  "So are you married you look like a married type of guy." She asked.
  "Wow there is a type for that? Oh no I’m a single guy. What about you? Are you married?" He Mused.
  "Yes there is a type for married men. No I’m also single. So  are you here alone, with a friend, a girlfriend, anyone?" She responded.
  "No I’m here alone. I'm guessing you are here alone so can we go back to your crib. So can we go?" He asked.
  "Yes I’m here alone and I guess we can go back to my house." Hera/Parker said.
  When Parker and Zeus got to the door of the club there was a girl calling Zeus.
  "Hey what about me. Where are you going?"

  While they walked though the street Parker and Zeus were holding hands. Every time Zeus reached in to kiss Parker, Parker moved back and always said "Let's wait until we get to the house." 3 minutes. later they got to the front of the house, Parker opened the house door and they entered the apartment. As soon as the door closed they started kissing and even entered the bedroom and continued. When Zeus closed his eyes and took off his black hat. Parker was no longer Parker. Hera was herself and Zeus opened his eyes and saw Hera. He opened his mouth and backed away and he said.........
  "I was thinking of catching you red handed cheating on me so here we are. So do you have anything to say?"
  "I'm so sorry. What can I do to make you forgive me and so you don't tell anyone."
  "For you to promise that you will never do it again."
                                                        THE END!
  This is why married men and woman cheat on each other. All because of Zeus and Hera (Parker).