Poetry Hides and My poem

               Poetry hides on  my name on the sidewalk

            But the rain washes it away


            Poetry hides in my name on my hand

            But the soap washes it away


            I wrote my name on my parent’s heart where poetry hides

            Where it will be never removed





                        I am like a cloudy morning with high humidity

                        Making everybody mad and lazy


Like a hawk searching for food and to eat

                        Eating anything that is in my way and delicious


                        Like a cheetah running towards my prey

                        I then eat like elephant hungry for 20 years


                        I am a boiling pan of French fries when someone is irritating

                        Like a cool cone of ice cream with my friends


                        Like a Cheetah running fast and never getting tired

                        Defeating anything in my way


                        Best Mets fan ever

                        Unlike the bragging Yankees


                         Crazy  Like a cub who found its mother

                        When the Mets won the subway series.