Poetry Hides


Poetry hides in my room at night

Dark, scary, waiting for sunlight.

Poetry hides in my ice cream sandwich

All creamy and chocolately.

Poetry hides in  my friend's bookbag

Messy, big, and heavy.

Poetry hides in my sister's hair

Ugly, frizzy, wanting to be brushed.

Poetry hides in my binder

Squished and bleeding with papercuts.

Poetry hides with the chips in the deli

Salty, spicy, many variety of chips.

Poetry hides in my eyes

Seeking whatever it can see.

Poetry hides in my talkative mouth

Babbling with my werid and awesome friends.


i like ur poem ! (:

i like ur poem ! (:

Great poem Christine! It's

Great poem Christine! It's very funny and I could imagine the curly hair and the ice-cream. The part about food made me hungry!

cool and creative i like it!

cool and creative i like it! :3, :)