Self Portrat Poem

 I am a cloudy day in the morning not eager to go to school; Wishing there was still time to go back to sleep.  I am dry like chips in first period class with not a lot of emotion. Being lost and not knowing what is going on. I am like New York City with many people surrounding me everyday. Wondering who they are and what are their personalities.
 I am like a kid’s favorite toy being kept safe by the owner.
 I am like the color yellow, bright and happy to see my friends. I am a set of drums beating out different emotions.  I can be happy, mad, excited, or even depressed.  I am a car being inspected by the teachers.  I am Little Red Riding Hood, sweet and innocent.  I am 3:30 PM, a lazy sloth not wanting to do anything at all.  Hooray, I can relax now.