Sneaker Of My Style


 Sneaker Of My Style


By: Ciara Lloyd


                                                                 November 22, 2010

                  Do you wake up in the morning trying to find your own style? Looking and searching for what sneaker bests suits you and who you are? Look no further, here’s the best guide to find who your true colors are when it comes to dressing.

The Inner You

The first step to design your sneaker is to buy any kind of sneaker you want or use the sneakers you already have. You will then need to buy fabric to really make your sneakers show the inner you.To add colour to your sneakers you will need to apply coloured velcro to your sneaker(any colour) to a certain part of the sneaker or the whole sneaker. The evidence of using velcro to your sneakers is because velcro won’t mess up your sneakers. Once you apply the velcro to your sneakers you can create your sneakers any creative way you want.       


          Styling On Them!

       After you have applied the velcro to your sneaker you will then let it sit an let it dry for about 3 hours. Once your sneakers are done drying you are now able to go out and show everybody who the real true person who are weather it’s silly,crazy,angry,sad or whatever your personality may be. You have officially coloured your style B A D !    

Ready To Go


With you being the one to design your own sneakers or even clothes may have a positive effect on you, meaning people may see your not afraid to show who you are and what your about just by how the way you dress. I do believe that dressing with expression is a huge part of a person’s personalilty. I believe this because it shows who you are in most cases. I also feel that doing this can build up your self esteem as well as confidence. The most important thing to know is to never be afraid of who you are no matter what and you’ll be ready to go.

Express yourself, express yourself and never ever doubt yourself!
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This a good article. Nice

This a good article. Nice pictures as well



Stfu if u dont have nothing

Stfu if u dont have nothing nice to say

why is that wrong i just did

why is that wrong i just did not think that was catchy u feelin what im tryin to say

This is an awsome article:) 

This is an awsome article:)


very gud job

very gud job

awwwwwh i love your

awwwwwh i love your pics


its Alannah <3 :)


thanx you tewh! <3

thanx you tewh! <3

i like ur story especially

i like ur story especially your pics

Thank youh soo much I did

Thank youh soo much I did hope you would enjoy it


Sighned-Ciara Cachet'<3