Sneaking Into The Secrets

   Sneaking Into The Secrets

By: Jorge Luna       November 22, 2010                                                  

  Are your sneakers getting dirty and damaged quickly, that you sneakers are breaking? Do you feel like throwing them away so soon? I can help you out and maintain your sneakers, so they would look nice. They would look brand new and look as if you just brought them from the store. You would save lots of money and you wont be embarrassed of wearing your sneakers everywhere you go.
Into the Garbage?
     Many people these days get sneaker after sneaker after sneaker. Why are you spending so much money? Many people these days damage their sneakers to quick or have a small problem with their sneakers. Then their sneakers go straight to the garbage for something so small.
Squeaky Sounds Getting Annoying
    Most people have this small problem and don’t do nothing about it. Sneakers have a squeaky sound when they walk. That could get annoying and embarrassing. Their is a way to solve that problem, get some baby powder. Then you got to lift the in sole of your sneaker, but don’t remove it. Then you pour in the baby powder in between the sole and the sneaker. Then you put the in sole back inside the sneaker and walk around and the squeaking will stop. You would be able to walk comfortable.
Smelly odor?
   Some people also have problems like smelly sneakers. That is a problem that can be fixed easy as 123. Its mostly the same solution as the squeaky sounds on your sneaker. You just got to lift the insole of the sneaker, but not to much. Then get baby powder and pour it into your sneaker. Then you put the insole back in and make sure that the baby powder don’t go everywhere in the sneaker. Then that could make the smelly smell go away, but you might want to do that every 2 mouths. Or when the smell starts to come back.
Suede Getting To Dirty -__-
    Some people have suede sneakers that get dirty to quick. Here is a way to clean the suede sneaker without getting it damaged. If its a dirty and not greasy or colored it should brush off first with a nail brush. Then you will have too use an erasers. You will have to move the eraser back and fourth gently.You cant over do  it, nor keep getting the same area dirty, because you can cause them to "shine" and that's the end of the suede.
Wrinkled Sneakers Look Old
    Some people don’t know how to walk with out creasing their sneakers. Here are some tips for you to follow so they won’t crease. To keep your sneakers from not creasing then you have to walk with them very carefully. That way is the safest from creases. You can also try stuffing them with some newspaper or paper towel at the point of you sneaker.
Yellow Soles So Soon?
    Some people have sneakers with clear soles that get yellowing to fast. Here is a way to keep them safe and sound without having a yellow sole. You can not walk on grass, dirt, gravel or any thing else that includes almost the same substince. Also do not wear when raining or when the sidewalk is wet. Also do not wear them when its snowing. Moisture and oxygen give you yellow soles. This is a way to prevent the yellow to show on your soles.
Problems Fixed
   All these problems I have mentioned have been a problem I have had in the past. All the solutions to these problems work fine. I have tried every single one of these solutions, so their is no way these solutions I gave you to repair you sneakers don’t work. So i want you to try these  on your broken sneakers and see if my solution works.
   The importance of the solutions to the problems are very important. The problems that you may have could be fixed quickly as you think. You’ll be so happy you will not be embarrassed walking with your fresh minty clean fine sneakers!
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I like the tips on how to

I like the tips on how to get my Jordans clean. I like your artcile a lot this had made me fixed my problems. Like the images of your article.

Your Feature article iss

Your Feature article iss Nice :D ` Now i know what to do when my kicks get damage

This article is real ! Im

This article is real ! Im Feeling How Your telling them about seakers . FEELING THE 12's ! 

i keep my sneakers clean

i keep my sneakers clean thanks to you kool artical!

   Yes.  It's

   Yes.  It's informative.  Now that the secrets are out, I can finally keep sneakers clean and looking new.  First I need to buy some. :)

nice but i did not read it :0

nice but i did not read it :0

its good i now read it

its good i now read it

good story 

good story


jorge not bad. this is an

jorge not bad. this is an outstanding article


thanks.  ^  

thanks.  ^