Skateboarding in the Paper? That's a First

by Jose Palacios 

December 23, 2010



Did you know that there are more than 13 million skateboarders in the united States alone? Also, did you know that  professional skateboarders make just as much money as  pro basketball, baseball and  football players? Although skateboarding is a multi-million dollar industry is still operates underground with little or no mainstream media exposure. While the NBA, NFL and MLB  are in the news and the paper everyday. Skateboarding should be recognized as the huge sports industry it is.

Growth over the years

Skateboarding has expanded greatly over the years. Jackie an expert in skateboarding history stated, “from kids attaching wooden planks to skate wheels as early as the 1900s; to the multi-million dollar industry that it is today, skateboarding has proven its longevity.” Skateboarding started from kids trying to have fun with a simple garage product and kept growing until it became the huge sport that it is today. The first skateboards began to be mass produced in the early 1960’s by companies like Larry Stevenson's Makaha and Hobie Alter's Hobie. Makaha quoted, “$10 million worth of board sales between 1963 and 1965.” Today if you visit your local skate park, you will see that they are all overcrowded with skateboarders from your community, just like any basketball court in your local park.

Unknown Features

Like many kids that play basketball, skateboarders also dream of going pro. It is a good dream since pro skateboarders make anything from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on how many contest they enter or how many video part they make (not including the stable salary they get from their sponsors), the better you are the more money you make. This might not seem like a lot of money but it is when you don't have to buy clothes or shoes. If you are good enough at skateboarding you can get sponsored by a shoe and clothes company that will provide you with all of they shoes and clothes you will ever need. Not to mention your board, wheel, truck and bearing sponsor. These sponsors will provide you with a skateboard to use at all times. All of these sponsors will pay you to wear their clothes, shoes, hats, belts, etc. The hardware sponsors pay you to use their decks, wheels, trucks, bearings, etc.  So if you really are talented or just good at skateboarding and love to do it, you can be paid you skate and have fun. For most professional skateboarders its is not just a job for then to go out and skate, it is much more than that. One of these pros is Tony Hawk who quoted, “I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.”

A Life Style Not a Sport

Once somebody starts skateboarding it becomes part of their life. You start using all of your free time to go outside and skateboard. Also people start using clothes from their favorite skateboard or shoe company. This is one of the many reasons that skateboarding has grown so much. It doesn't just include skateboards and its parts. The skateboard industry includes shoes, clothes, book bags, hats, beanies, tools, stickers and many other accessories. Many contests and pros are also sponsored by outside companies such as Monster energy drink, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, Skullcandy and other companies that support skateboarding. This allows contest cash prizes to total from $1,000 to over $1 million!

A Skateboarder’s Job

There is so much money circulating in the skateboarding industry yet no one hears about this except for skateboarders. There are so many contests every year in skateboarding yet they are not all broadcasted on television. These contests include “Maloof Money Cup,” “Tampa Am/Pro,” “X Games,” “Dew tour,” “Battle At The Berrics” and Street League. In these contests skateboarders win enough money to last them until the next year’s contests come. It is a pretty good deal since each contest is not to long depending on how well you do in the contest it might take a few hours to a few days. But it is not that bad because they get paid to skate and have people cheer for them. Although thousands of people attend these contest only a few television stations broadcast the events. The main stations that show these events are Fuel TV and ESPN. Few other stations show small portions of the events.     

Coming Out of the Underground

Even though skateboarding is no longer just a sport for many people, it still operates mostly underground. It has so much money cycling within it but it is still not getting the mainstream media exposure it should have. So many people are going out everyday and skateboarding without anyone knowing it but other friends who skateboard too. Skateboarding is a multi-million dollar industry yet very few people know that. Big names in skateboarding are trying to bring skateboarding out of the underground. Pro skateboarders such as Rob Dyrdek are going out and makeing T.V. shows and big contests to try and get skateboarding recognized. It is time for skateboarding to come out of the underground and get the attention it deserves. Don't you think its time for skateboarding to get the recognition it deserves?

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Your need visuals :) good

Your need visuals :) good article though