What It Takes

 What It Takes
Hey you ! Think about this...

How many of you once said, you wanted to be a doctor? How many of you still want to be a doctor? Do you like going to school ? Do you have good Grades? If not you , need to begin thinking about a new career. or i can put it like this , hmm Are you good at science? Would you go to school for another 12 yrs after high school ? you like having have money and helping people ? Do you Like reading? If so, a doctor might be the right career for you.  

Two Paths to Practicing Medicine

To be able to become a doctor its lots of work. This work includes responsibilities after there done schooling. The schooling of becoming a doctor is all work no play. There’s two main different doctors you can become. There’s a  M.D (medical doctor) in which has to do with Physicians and surgeons diagnose illnesses and prescribe and administer treatment for people suffering from injury or disease and then there’s a D.O (doctor of osteopathic medicine) which has to do with emphasize the body's muscule skeletal system, preventive medicine and holistic patient care.No matter what kind of degree you get you have to do lots of schooling.

What You Need to Think about Before Deciding to Become a Doc

In order to become a doctor you need to go to regular college and then medical school. After medical school you have to go through residential  training. You have to do 4 yrs of regular college to receive your bachelors degree. Then another 4 yrs of medical school. Then in residential training you, do to 4-8 yrs of that depending on what study your doing or in other words what kind of doctor you want to be.if you decide to become a doctor you are taking on a lot of responsibilities. There are 10 different medical fields all doctors fall under. The minimum wage of a doctor is about 160,000 a yr. Becoming a doctor , yes you gain a lot of money. but someones life is in yours hands , so you need a lot of training. They need to be able to trust you and they need to know that you know what your doing. both use traditional treatment methods such as drugs and surgery.Both licenses allow one to practice medicine and have equally rigorous testing.

These two different doctors are very alike. There alike because they both require about the same amount of schooling. Depending on what kind of Field you decide to study , meaning what kind of M.D and D.O. These two doctors arent that different from each other, They both get a very good income. Both depending on how popular or famous you are, the more money you can recieve. They both use medicine with there patients.They both are required to take a test at the end of there training/study.

BUT ! They are Different
A  M.D is a medical doctor, in which they deal with alot of medicine , “teacher of medicine.” A D.O has Additional training to do then a M.D. additional 300 - 500 hours in the study of hands-on manual medicine and the body's musculoskeletal system. D.Os us a Hand on apporach to see if your body is moving freely. They do so to make sure all your natrual boyd systems are working well ,. with no pain. D.Os work in all specailties of medicine.

All in All

After studying about how to become a doctor, you can see its a lot of work. You need a lot of courage/support and dedication. As a part of my study as i showed some people have the ability to become a doctor and others don’t. It all depends on you.

Signed - Alannah <3
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Being a doctor is alot of

Being a doctor is alot of work ; Can you take you take handling this ? Good Article 

huh what you meanand yes i


what you mean

and yes i do think i can handle it 

nice job

nice job

Thank u :)

Thank u :)

Yhu did ah ghud job wit dis

Yhu did ah ghud job wit dis article

nice story 

nice story


Wow! i like your article

Wow! i like your article beacuase i want to become a doctor or a nurse nd certain things you mentioned i didnt know but i deffinitily new they make a lot of mulaa lml!

Sighned-Ciara Cachet'<3