What This Team Needs to Do to Improve in the 2011 Season?


Teamwork is Better !

What This Team Needs to Do to Improve in the 2011 Season
By: Jahsheen Taylor

Do you know why players are getting injured so easily? Well some players think they are so nice that their cockiness is getting to them. They are just going after one person one specific team in particular and its hurting their chances of winning with a full team. These teams need good team work to beat that team that they are going after, they need all they can get if you want to be 2011 NBA Champions.
Is their a ‘’I’’ in Team ?
The NBA isn’t about one team, neither is it just about yourself. The NBA is about working towards a NBA Ring with your team. You need to put your blood,sweat, and tears into your team have faith and you will succeed. Being cocky isn’t a good thing in games neither is it good to have well be. Doing that will get you no where in life neither will it help your chances of winning games. Its better to communicate with your team, play like a team and stop getting so out of hand. I am talking about the player Dwayne Wade and his team ‘’Miami Heat’’.
Is being ‘’cocky” good now ?
For you not to get injured you have to watch how your playing in your games. Playing very hard isn’t helping your career neither is it helping your team out. If your a very important person in your team and your team isn’t anything without you than you need to watch how your doing things. You can get injured from coming down from the rim to hard, getting kicked by someone by trying to get past them to fast. Stop thinking your so invincible and play like a basketball player that you really are and you aren’t a player who thinks he cant get injured, its possible.
Is it just you by yourself of a 12 player team ?
Don't worry about one person and his team and worry about yours as well as winning. Your teammates are more important than someone else that is tempting you to cause injuries, and less teamwork. Practice with your team to get them too know how you want to play. Playing hard with your team and than you will be the best team their is possible. Its better off if you just worry about a winning, talking, active team.
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good story smoove these team

good story smoove these team need to impove

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gud job

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Goddd Wunnn ` :) nice work

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Let me fiiNd out yhu doiin yhur werk!!!



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clear and specific

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