Fine, Fresh, Fierce: The Fashion Enemy of the World


Fine , Fresh, Fierce : The fashion Enemy of the World.


Why People Want to Look so Fancy Huh?


By Marshia


What’s freaking you out?

  Do you freak out when you can’t find any thing to wear? Do you break out into sweat when someone asks you a question about fashion? If you can’t lives without fancy clothes , you might be in serious trouble. ‘’Fashion is a big influence in our live today that’s why people get frustrated when they don’t have something or can’t find something’’ says Jessica,17, of New york.

Want to be heard?

    Waking up on a Monday morning, scrambling to your closet and realizing all of a sudden... “I have nothing to wear!”. This is something that happens to people everyday in our community. Maybe you forgot to do laundry or maybe just sick of your clothes – either way, feeling like you have nothing to wear is no fun at all.

What’s at risk?

    Sometimes fashion can be very judgemental about what you wear, which is sometimes important to the world about who you are or who you want to be. people should just make their own fashion statements and see how they are perceived by others in the world, which can make you radiate self confidence. Most people take fashion seriously, who think about the perception and not about any one else and only want to show off their fancy things, or popular of the crowed.

Why is clothes a big deal?

    Our personalities, emotions, what makes us 'us' are all far too complex to be summarised by a few items of clothing. You can make assumptions and judgements about what it reflects - but you will probably be very wrong and perhaps, even, displaying judgemental prejudices. Clothes represent people very well.

Behind the clothes.

    However, if you are aiming at the type of clothes people wear. For instance women in a miniskirt in winter, than I also think it reflects on their insides. The fewer there is on the outside, the shallower the person is. This might not count for everyone, but  it did count for all the people I met that matched the above mentioned prescription. So like Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us

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i enjoyed reading your

i enjoyed reading your article because it's somewhat  like mines but yours was more creative! This was fantastic

                             Sighned-Ciara Cachet'

Thank you ((styNka

Thank you ((styNka wiiNka))..i just feel i need to edit a little more and talk about different ways and how it like don't effect us in life.

i always go crazy when i

i always go crazy when i dont knoe what kind of clothes im going to wear , also especially when your in a rush

ur article made me think of

ur article made me think of skool days bc every morning i have to search and search for sumthing diff. to wear to skool bc i really dnt knoe wat to wear it gets annoying sumtimes. ii can relate to dis article bc wen pple judge u abut what u wear and it can make u feel happy or sad. i have to say clothes aint a big deal in my opinion.  i relate to dis article bc clothes is like summarizing ur closet on wta u have to wear. very gud job