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Origins of Gaming:
The orgins of the xbox 360 and ps3 where missile tube. These types of games were the start of the video game war as i call it.The first major crash in 1977 occurred when companies were forced to sell their older obsolete systems flooding the market. which caused an over flow of video games and because of that not one of the video games where sold but in return they came selling to them which caused many companies to close down. many of my cousins were born around the time of the crash and they remember their dads telling them about it they were really shocked and did not understand what he was talking about but as they grew up they learned about the major crash.

Prototype Development:
The first home console system was developed by Ralph Baer and his people Development began in 1966 and a working prototype was completed by 1968  for demonstration to various potential licensees, including GE, Sylvania, RCA, Phil-co, and Sears, with Magnavox eventually licensing the technology to produce the world's first home video game console. On March 22nd, 1971, Ralph Baer files yet another of his pivotal patents regarding video game's technology. This one is for the creation of a Television Gaming and Training Apparatus. Ralph Baer and his colleagues were inventing interactive entertainment concepts that had previously not existed and that would become the very foundation of this medium as we know it. These guys were like the founders of the home gaming systems they created  the base for xbox 360 and play station 3.

3D Graphics:
The 1990s were a decade of marked innovation  in video gaming. It was a decade of transition from raster graphics to 3D graphics and gave rise to several genres of video games including first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and MMO. Handheld gaming began to become more popular throughout the decade, thanks in part to the release of the Game Boy.  The video game industry matured into a mainstream form of entertainment in the 1990s. Although the Fairchild Channel F, released in 1976, was the first true removable game system, Atari once again had the first such system to be a commercial success. Introduced in 1977 as the Atari Video Computer System  the 2600 used removable cartridges, allowing a multitude of games to be played using the same hardware.  The hardware in the 2600 was quite sophisticated at the time, although it seems incredibly simple now. It consisted of the mos 6502 microprocessor and the Stella, a custom graphics chip that controlled the synchronization to the t.v. and all other video processing tasks.also 128 bytes of ram which was considered alot at that time and 4-kilobyte ROM-based game cartridges.

High Powered Gaming Chips:
In 1996, 3dfx Interactive released the Voodoo chip set, leading to the first affordable 3D accelerator cards for personal computers. These devoted 3D rendering daughter cards performed a portion of the computations required for more-detailed three-dimensional graphics allowing for more-detailed graphics than would be possible if the CPU were required to handle both game logic and all the graphical tasks. First-person shooter games were among the first to take advantage of this new technology. Systems like the Atari 2600, its descendant, the 5200, Calico's ColecoVision and Mattel's IntelliVision  helped to generate interest in home video games for a few years. But interest began to wane because the quality of the home product lagged far behind arcade standards. But in 1985, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System and everything changed.

Different Types of Consoles
In 1994, three new consoles were released in Japan: the Sega Saturn, the PlayStation, and the PC-FX, the Saturn and the PlayStation later seeing release in North America in 1995. The PlayStation quickly outsold all of its competitors, with the exception of the aging Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which still had the support of many major game companies.Nintendo's strategy paid off, and the N.ES sparked a revival in the home video game market that continues to thrive and expand even now. No longer were home video game systems looked upon as inferior imitations of arcade machines. New games that would have been impractical to create for commercial systems, such as Legend of Zelda, were developed for the home markets. These games enticed many people who had not thought about buying a home video game system before to purchase the N.E.S.

In conclusion video games have been around for many years and their history has been long but the old video games just don't have the 3d graphics of the fifth generation games. those games are old and useless they just don't cut the chase of video gamers who want fast action packed games that keep them on the edge waiting for more.    

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Good !

Really nice job. you

Really nice job. you should've put the name of some famous ols systems like atari, sega, etc