Art And Making Money


Art and Making Money

By:Ibraheem Rawlinson                                                 November  22, 2010

The important today in our life that people enjoy is art. The thing is that its not easy to sell it. People love it and would love to see it, but not buy it. so making money is the easy part, knowing how to do it with art is a whole different story. “You think selling art is easy? Then think again.”

Art and Its Money Problem

“So you think selling art it easy? Well here is the problem with that.” In this world people learning on how to do themselves is not easy. The reason why is in art school they only teach you just the basics, not on how to sell and become successful. Also why its so hard is that people ask for help online. If you think about it no one really knows how to do many thing on their own. That’s why they look it up on the Internet. Like myself for example, I had to look up on the Internet to find the answers I need to sell my art. Another problem of selling art is when they have what they need they don't have the confidence to do it. Like when I see people selling I only see one person trying while others are too afraid to.

Art’s Problems Are Over

Well now that you know those problems here are their solution. “Here is what they don't teach you in art schools.” The things I learned was that there is steps to selling, making a portfolio, and try to start off a business.  The 1st step is to get your portfolio and find the work you have that people would like. Step 2 Find a partner so that you could have help and for someone to motivate you. Step 3 then try to find the local spots that people come by around. on this website, www.eHow.com it shows you how they did became successful. Also you should probably get an agent so he could help with location and finance things for your business.

        Cashin on you Passion

is that if you want to make a living on what you love then you should do it. Also is if you have problems then try to find solutions for it. Like how I had problems, but I solved it by looking it up, found, and asked people how to do it. Like how me and my teacher Mr.Wolff, we have the same problem so we are able to inter act with each other into finding the solution. That’s why when you have help it doesn’t make you fell needed, but have more information to learn and solve it yourself.

Knowing And Seeing What’s Next

So making money with art is hard but you can still make money, you just got to have the work and be able to present is to that people will buy it. I know that people are always shy to present it because they might not like people response to it. It’s OK to get bad responses because it helps you learn on what you need to fix and improve. So the real question is, “Are people willing to set aside their feeling on what people think about their so that they could learn more about their problems.”   

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Your article made me think

Your article made me think that in reality your idea may work because everything that was important to know about selling & making money was covered clearly. My reaction when I was reading your article was shocking beacause this idea can work for anybody.

I like this article because

I like this article because it tells you how to sell your art for people who dont want their art. This tells you how to sell your art easy. =)


I like how you write your

I like how you write your article and good picture