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Manuel Martinez  11/24/10

Practice, Practice, Practice

    Being an artist is a great career and why wouldn’t it be? To become an artist you don’t need to be born with talent, you need to have skill to learn how to draw. Art is not easy because if you want to perfect your skills you will have to practice each day. Most artists have to be inspired or dedicated to art in some way.

    Educate Yourself

Many artist don’t get to become known because they don’t get a proper education they don’t learn whats needed. You need to choose one type of art from all the many ones, take art classes, study other and artists techniques and style and read books. Try spending time learning different styles that way you can find what drawing style suits you.  Try getting a degree in art and minor in business so you can learn about marketing and sales technique.

    Art Career Tips

Show your work out to the public so you can get known and possibly you’ll become famous. Get familiar with the art community, create a website so people can see your art, people who usually do this become and known faster and they make a lot of money in  the process.Try working on your art to make it look good be creative don’t take others creations, and even put up creations that look bad because they’ll see how much you improved and be even more impressed. Handing out your business card to random people will increase your chances to get into the art industries.

    Focusing Your Style

There’s many styles of drawing but adapting your own is hard so try practicing other styles to customize your own and be great at drawing. When you like a style try practicing it and master it, many artists have troubles with their style of art. Once you’ve mastered your style, that way your work will reflect o your talent.

    Putting it all in

If you want to become an artist the you have to be dedicated and practice. Learn about all different techniques in the world but you have to put them into your own work or they wont do you no good. Try spending time to practice your artwork set time aside. Think about getting more educated in art , you may want to even take instructional classes or even going to college to majoring in art. You won’t suceed unless your wiling to dedicate yourself all the way through. Start getting known around the art community, try attending art exhibitions and putting up your work online so the world can see your work. Being an artist seems like an easy job but it takes hard work to become a successful artist.

I got all my information from http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-become-an-artist.

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Good Good

your article made me think

your article made me think of myself because i am always trying to improve on my drawing skills and it never gets any better. your article was very good and easy to follow along with. your article was also very clear to me. and your right being an artist is a really great career and you do have to be born with talent and have alot of practice. if you have alot of practice and are born with very good talent then you are going to be a very good artist.

the part of your article

the part of your article that i connected to was when you said it inspired me . the reason is because  video gamers inspired me to become a video game designer. 

rubric: clear complete and intersting.