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What are the wonders of

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   Many people say there in love. that they found the one, but how do they know for a fact? at the time they think there in love, but mostly likely they haven't found love as yet. either its a fling or lust mistaken for love or like. Falling love is easy, if your with someone you think about everyday and if you let your feeling take over and your heart lead the way. but finding love is whats so hard. that's why you always have to follow our hearts because it will always know the right answer. True love is so precious that it is said, "If you find true love, make sure you learn to keep it." So, if you have embarked on a treasure hunt to find the perfect love your in the right place. read my article and find out more about this thing called love. It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.

           Because I Love You

    A lot of people believe that love is causeless. That it is unexplainable, that it has no rhyme or reason, that a person simply loves another and that’s it, that it’s impossible to say “I love you because…” or “I love you for your…”.
Many go even further and say that, even if it was possible to say that, it would be undesirable, because it would ruin the “purity” of love, that love should be causeless. That loving someone for something, that loving something in another, does, in some way, diminish the feelings, diminish the meaning of “love”.Call me weird, but I believe feelings do have causes. You may not think about it consciously, you may not even be aware of those causes, but you fall in love with something (or things) in the other person. Their sense of humor, their intelligence, the way they make you feel alive, the special smile they have just for you, their passion for life, etc.. “Love without cause” is for teenagers, or for when both people are so “low” that they can’t find anything to love in the other… and yet they are OK with it, because they know there’s nothing to love in themselves.  


     Then others may say its the attraction you have with your soul mate. The connection in which you both share, when you think about them at any odd moment, there always on your mind. That everything you possibly hoped and wish for is right there all mixed in that one person. Some say falling in love starts with noticing the positive qualities in someone, but when you're actually in love with that person, their not so positive qualities are just lovable too. Sort of the same as saying, you love them even when they’re mad at you or they're still beautiful even when they wake up in the morning. And that's how a guy knows he's in love with a girl.


                  I Cant Control It

   Falling in love, the effects of falling in love. Some people even how hard they try arealways attracted to people who aren’t good for them.” Like Lynn Miller, twenty-seven. “I tell myself to go for the nice, reliable men, but I can never resist the difficult, arrogant ones. It’s like I have no control.” Hormones. Adrenaline. Pheromones. We’ve all read about the factors that supposedly cause us to be attracted to certain people, and there’s no denying that you can’t choose who you’re attracted to. But most people I spoke with, including myself, believe that real, life-changing love can’t exist without that unpredictable sweaty-palmed, stammering speech reaction at least during the early stages. If this is true, the success of a relationship is based on a physical response that we have no control over. Scientists have identified three chemicals at play: phenethylamine, dopamine, and oxytocin.

Those who felt the most loved and supported had



 substantially less blockages in their heart



 arteries than the other subjects.


    They are secreted when we feel that initial instent  attraction to someone and function like an amphetamine, keeping our mood elevated, senses extra alert, and giving us the urge to bond and attach to others. As these secretions increase, our attraction to the object of our desire intensifies, and we get more and more of those dizzy feelings.
   So, with these “love” chemicals firing away, physical changes start happening, like you guessed it sweaty palms, feelings of euphoria, and light-handedness. It’s likely that Lynn’s problems are in part due to the chemicals coursing through her body. But then other people and different experiences of love state that nothing heals better emotionally, biochemically, physically and mentally than love or experiencing the frequency of romantic love as all is frequency. It is like a drug that heals, but one must watch out for the side effects, such as obsession. If you have never felt this love, your soul may try to heal the issues which will allow you to attract this experience. Some people are happier and healthier giving love, while others need to be loved to remain healthy. Love should be in balance as that is the key word in all healing.
    When we experience it, we revel in the bliss love elicits and bask in the warmth that blankets us with caring, gratitude, comfort, and a sense of all-around well being. This wonderful feeling we call love does, indeed, create well-being. In fact, feeling love sets forth a complex series of events within our bodies that generally bring about better health, it makes us feel happy, filled with pride and joy. 

 Science Of Love



    Dean Ornish, M.D., has served as a pioneer in this work. In his book, Love and Survival, the Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy he reports on many such studies. For example, he helped conduct a study at Yale that involved 119 men and 40 women undergoing coronary angiography. Those who felt the most loved and supported had substantially less blockages in their heart arteries than the other subjects. In a related study, researchers looked at almost 10 thousand married men with no prior history of angina. These men had high levels of risk factors, such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and electrocardiogram abnormalities. Those who felt their wives did not show them love experienced almost twice as much angina as the first group, who felt their wives did show them love.

   While feeling loved appears to benefit our heart's health, giving love seems to do the same for our aging process. The results of a study of more than 700 elderly adults showed that the effects of aging were influenced more by what the participants contributed to their social support network than what they received from it. In other words, the more love and support they gave, the more they benefited.

From Earth To Heaven

   Love is important because it reveals the best and the worst in victims of love. When you feel loved, you feel nurtured and cared for, supported, and intimate, you are more likely to be happy and much more healthier. Falling in love is often like watching a miracle.

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Love the article

Love the article

thIs article is good... i

thIs article is good... i can tell you put your heart in this....

Article is great :)

Article is great :)

aww this is very true , you

aww this is very true , you put your heart into this article .

ur article made me think

ur article made me think abut my relationship and reasons why i shud think twice abut saying ily bc many people who fall in love thinks that love may be just what they are looking for but ur article helped em realize dat it's not. wen ur mate says it bk to u we actually dnt knoe if he actually means it. this article made me knoe teh real reasons of fallin in love with my boyfriend.  

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The question I have is what made you write this because it kid of seems like you been through it and you know what your talking about so well done Shaniquee. <3

-Sighned CiaraCachet'

Yeaa, i have been through it

Yeaa, i have been through it & love isnt anything to play with, you gotta think twice beforee you think or feel you got love for somebody. Cause being in love is not what most teens think, it more than just a word (: & thankk youu hunnnnn <3

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