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I Feel The Weather,

and It Ain’t  Pretty

By: Jenill Nivelo

Whats Happening?

You might be thinking what the heck is happening to the weather,  why was this summer so hot and why is it now so cold?  Well I got the reason why its happening , whats it called, and what causes it. Many years ago many people used and created their own machines like cars that actually ran on gasoline and many other machine operated natural resources. But as time passed by, these resources are going out little by little, and of course us humans are causing it and for them there good reasons.

It’s Called...

The unusual weather we are experiencing now is called Global warming. The Earths weather has gone wild, because the Earths global temperature is rising every year, making the world hotter than before.

The Causes Are...

There many causes that cause global warming, one thing that’s more common around the world is pollution. Their are many kinds of pollutions but in general its all about garbage. The kinds of pollution are water pollution, air pollution, and land pollution. In air pollution its considered as many things like combustion of coal which is when its poisonous gases could effect the earth and its fatal to us humans. Another thing is the the use a vehicle and its gases, 60% of the airs pollution is made up of the gases of the vehicles and the cities are build up to 80% of many vehicles.  Water pollution is made up to two different kinds, or even more but in general its industrial factories, mining, and sewage disposals. These people that control this just throw their garbage in the ocean, rivers, and dams. Land pollution its mainly in the cities. Reason is because in the city there’s more waste and pesticides (many types of insects) come, make the place messy and an uneasy places to live in. One finally thing is electrical pollution but I bet your saying “What is electrical pollution?”, and might be thinking it has nothing to do with pollution. That's where your wrong. This is worst then any other. To create electricity it uses fossil fuels and petroleum. When this burned it pollutes the air. But now since these resources are being used way too much, now there isn’t a lot we should really use less. Who knows what might happen to us later in the future.

The Effects... 

This effects earth in many different ways. Mostly are heavy rain storms, followed by a small  flooding. To explain a simple problem followed by another problem is called the “Green-House” effect. But first comes the ozone layer. This plays an important part in the upper atmosphere. But now the ozone layer is disappearing. The reason is because of the gases of the cars are exhausting in to the air and polluting it causing the ozone layer to disappear every year. This actually protects us from the suns Ultra Violet Rays. Once these rays come in the earths atmosphere they might not be able to get out. For example, earth is like a car. When you the park your outside in the hot sun, the suns rays go through the window, and keep everything heated up inside the car, making it warmer. That’s usually the Green-House effect works. In some cases once the suns rays are through the atmosphere this could melt glaciers at the poles, and if there melted then sea level would rise each time and the animals that live in the poles might not survive that much.

 The Conclusion...

These are serious problems that earth is facing and we might be the cause of it. I bet that you might be thinking “what can I do?’’. I think there’s lots of ways you can help in such as clean your local park, use less energy at home, or maybe the smallest and simplest things like play outside instead of watching TV. There’s many ways, they might be small but they could make a big difference later. In my opinion we should do everything we can to save earth because its where we live in and once it dyes out what would happen.
Its now or later....later might be to late. 

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its very informative and

its very informative and tells alot about the causes of gobal warming

Very good article. you were

Very good article. you were clear and specific


I enjoy how you cosistenly

I enjoy how you cosistenly support your writing angle with relevant evidence.

i enjoyed this article it

i enjoyed this article it was very informative.

After reading this i will use less energy at home from now on.



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i did the topic but i like yours better