The Creation of Bachata



The Creation of Bachata:

        “A source of Excitement and Passion”

Luis Hernandez                                                                    November 23, 2010

Bachata the most popular genre of music in Dominican Republic. As you can see, many people listening and dance bachata. Bachata is a type of music that involves Romance and tales of heartbreak and sadness.The earliest bachata was originally developed in Dominican Republic around the early part of the 20th century, with mixed Cuban boleros combining traditional Latin/Caribbean rhythms, and is a guitar based music which recently evolved from bolero.


How did Bachata Start to Get Famous?

Does Bachata is famous? Bachata is famous in all of the Spanish's world. Bachata encourage  a lot of energy and happiness to the dance and you need somebody with a nice voice to sing. Everybody could sing or dance Bachata.In fact, the original term used to name the genre was amargue ("bitterness," or "bitter music"), until the rather ambiguous (and mood-neutral) term bachata became popular.


Do People like Bachata? There a lot of haters that doesn't like Spanish music because they don't understand it. The reason, why they don't understand it , it because they speak another language like English. In my opinion, i know how they feel when they don't understand a song like a Chinese song, but i don't rate or view the music like that i just see if it songs good or it bad.

Bachata all over the Caribbean countries

Is Bachata occurs in Dominican Republic? In my opinion or as a fact, Bachata is spread all over Latin American and Europe. This Continent are the one where the Spanish music from.During much of its history Bachata music was denigrated by Latino/Caribbean society and associated with rural backwardness and delinquency.


My Conclusion is that Bachata is one of the most excited music because you dance and sing. You must know how to move or know some type of movements to have a fun time with the partner you are dancing with. Dancing is part of Bachata because the Major music or principal music or the idea of bachata was to dance. Then later on like between the 1990 and now , many artists  had been making or producing bachata music for romance and a lot of Passion to it.

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It really tells how much you

It really tells how much you know of the dance and that you are really intrested in it.