What type of Photography Are You Interested?



  By: Lorena Gonzalez   

There was once an example shown to me that includes black and white picture into a video with sounds or music added with it. Then in this show for example in the Tyra show that is an example of fashion photography, and you can make a video where the modelers are walking on the runway and making a pose or expressing them selves, or the beauty that they have in them.

                 How to get a good image of something you want

They would move around on different side's, different movements and take the picture. They would zoom in and out. After they take some picture then they down load it on the computer and then customize the picture that look the best and make it bigger so it can be put  in  a big frame  but while they customize it, then they could either have with color or with no color like black and white.  Photography is a way where you can experience new things that you never  knew about photography.


The two type of photography

The two major photography that  basically focusing is on Fashion and Black and white photography. There is a difference between black and white pictures comparing to Fashion pictures. But many have different opinions on black and white and fashion images. Notice that those who like beauty and always like to look fashionable you can become a fashion model. This is where you can look your best and you make a pose on how you want to look like. Fashion photography is something way different with black and white photography. But they still both have something to do with pictures taken.


Black & White photography

But then Black and white is something way different. Many think that an image that has color looks better black and white. For example some photographer think that black and white looks better in a certain picture or they might just like black and white in all of their images. In black and white pictures you can choose any picture you want and customize it into a simple image. For example in the centuries a cameras has been invented but the camera was an old modern camera the camera was not a digital camera like times today. So basically the pictures that was taken with the old modern camera the pictures didn't really have color in it, it would come out black and white with no color.

      Black and white pictures make the image look simple but it depends on your setting or your background and what your wearing. The research read that black and white pictures can be put into any picture and so fashion can be combine to a black and white picture or it can be just the way it is with color. And the most important thing you need in photography you need a camera, because cameras is an equipment important to the photographers to take pictures of anything. You would also have to have experience on how to use a camera and take clear pictures based on what you want to focus on.

      Fashion Photography  

       Fashion photography can be put into a black and white picture because it could also depend on what you are wearing like you can be a old modern fancy drees and make that image look like it was taken in the old times. But if you take the picture of a fashion modeler posing and just leave the way it is but rearranging it then it's some picture you may have to leave like that because it would also depend on the setting. Like if your setting would be at a park or where the setting may include color then you may have to leave like the way it is so color in the background could stand out and it would make it look better. At some images it looks better with color in the picture stand out more. And it makes  the image more detailed and it makes the image more interesting.

For example when you take a picture of a fashion model then you just might want to just focus on the model but not only on the model but something in particular like the clothing or the face expression they make. Many photographers think that not only that fashion and black & white  photos are more important but these are the two major type of photography you may also want to know more about. Many photographers study the different types of photography not only about fashion or black and white but different types.

 So what is your opinion based on the type of photography

Photography can also be put into something you might want to do in the future where you will learn how to take picture and shoot  a video.  Not only  photography  may include with taking photos but also taking videos and experiencing new things and it may also include with computer tech so  you could know how to arrange the picture better. For example in fashion  photography you can do a video with fashion models like when they  are modeling  on the runway. And with black and white photography you can just take the picture and arrange it to a black and white video. Like for example if your making a video of you child hood. When you were born till were you keep growing. You can also have a picture where it can be black and white but in some parts they could have color on it. If you want to show detail or focus more on the features if there is something in particular you want to point out or make it stand out. But many people just have different opinion's on the different types of photography.    


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i learned something new


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