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Read If You Want To Save Money On Internet

     One thing to pay close attention to is your Internet provider, are they really providing you with the best of the best and the cheapest of the cheapest for you? you don't want to overpay do you? well this article will probably help you lower that enormous bill.

Less Complaints and More Usage
    i have researched and researched until i couldn't research anymore and i have found out that both time Warner cable and Verizon have the maximum Internet speeds of 15 mbps but Verizon includes a free WI FI router and WI FI where ever you go. but Time Warner doesn't give a free wireless router and wireless routers cost at least 20 dollar minimum and it just cost more from then on. On one hand Verizon cost 54.95 dollars and Time Warner cost 44.95 without WI FI router but both of these speeds are 15mbps so for now the best option might be Verizon if you have 1 or more computers at home and you need to share the Internet but if you only have one computer then the best for you would be Time Warner cable so its really up to you and your household size and who uses the Internet or not.  i have gathered information from the better business bureau and i have taken a paragraph about customer complaints and this is what I got:  

BBB processed a total of 1274 complaint(s) about this business in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total 1274 complaint(s) closed in the last 36 months, 502 were closed in the last 12 months.”
and this is what i have gathered about Time Warner cable “BBB processed a total of 529 complaint(s) about this business in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total 529 complaint(s) closed in the last 36 months, 373 were closed in the last 12 months.”

I have talked to customer service and this is what I have found out from verizon fios:You(08:59:59): how fast is fios internetYou(09:00:36): and how much is the fios internet by itselfYou(09:01:22): i need home internetMorris(09:01:42): Our Verizon FiOS Internet up to 15/5 Mbps plan will be just $54.99/month without home phone services. Were you able to access the link?

To me this seems like Time Warner might be expensive but there is less complain and less complain means that the product should last longer if people don't have that many problems. so now it is up to you, you can go cheap with Verizon online and possibly complain about it every so often a month or you can get Time Warner Internet when you don't have to look for that cellphone just so often to complain.

Now You Know What To Do
    So now you know how to lower your bill so get off your couch or whatever you’re sitting on and go call up  the company that best suits you so you don’t have to over pay what you don’t need. Dennis Cai11/29/10

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