Amazing Art


Amazing Art :)

By:Since Louie

What does art meaningful was ;

A lot of people had been enjoying how to draw and also people learn it by many ways that’s easy for them to do. People that are int rested  in art they will had to learn in many schools or in many classes about art. People make enjoy art by their own immigrations or their own ideas about games, videos and also other thing that can attached the people from buying it. Art is a way that you can draw and don’t need to do anything and some thing that can be important for them to do. That’s how show how important that art can be to a person that loves art.  

What people think about art?

       Many people like to draw pictures and some people don’t like arts for some reasons.Some people like to go to school that might have art and also people can go to study for their majors. Also their feelings for art and any subjects can effect on other students as well.People say that if a person don’t like it will make a less people to join in a place that people that will join in. Also I’ll explain how people can make a group of people don’t like the name or the schools.
       Some people use their talents for entering schools like for having better schools and also people can use it for their credits for any better schools. Another example was that is one of art that’s called Digital Art because it show some of the people that like art can use the digital technology and also they presentation process and also they use computer art and also they use multimedia art and also they use a larger umbrella term new media art. One of the article that’s Capt.Billy’s Whiz- Bang, that show about the songs that was mention about “Trouble” and that’s from “The Music Man.”
     People can love arts and also people can use it as for many songs and also music can use it as talents are. Another example was by using technology can be use for painting, drawing and sculpture, and also while new their own form by net art and also people can use digital installation art and also people can use virtual reality and also they can become a great artistic practices was.

What does art means?

Art is the products of human creativity; works of art collectively; “an art exhibition,” or another ways is a fine collection of art that people can buy. People think say that art can be use as various form for the biggest source of the ability to have some connected to the world.People think it’s easy to feel alone about the narrow circle of daily life times was and people found out that it can be a easy way to know more about. Arts can be as a story like a child books that can be use for reading to children. Art can be mean to other people in many ways. People can use sites for open door policy and it means that it can be use for anything. Some people think about something like a dreams that might come true and something that important to them about their own experiences about something that they found out.

What kind of materials that people can use it on?

    People can use art works for clothes,games video’s , most things that people can buy at like a stores that can make people come here to buy and get more money so they can sell to any places. People can use it online for magazines and also for artist portfolios, journals, interviews and also for many other forms of information to assist in their own decision making from. People can use art for anything and also people might like and also to make a blue prints for a buildings and also tools for little kids and adults might like to see about art. Many people spend their time to make art works and also people might to buy it for many costs and anything that they feel like buying and also people can think about that. That’s what type of materials that people can use for art and their works that they did and also it spend a lot of their times.

What do I think about art :

      I think art is a way of relaxing way that people can use their mind as a piece of works in their own life. I think art is a way to show your talents to people and art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans. Also art can be a form and context and related to the elements of art and also you can actual have physical materials and also to see what artist has used. I think art is way that people can used to show your values and also people can use feeling and also people can learn by having good positions and stay force so you can understand about how do people draw so well.

The Conclusion :

     Many people may not like art and people may wanted to designed their own games and their own ideas about some thing that can be in-resting to do over. Also people want to know more about what art is to them. Also people may or may not understand about art. That’s how people should learn more about art and also people should know why people like to draw art.
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nice Artical about art :)You

nice Artical about art :)

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very good