Islam on Terrorism

November 23, 2010

Islam on Terrorism



Do you Think Muslim People are  


Do you think all Muslims are terrorist? Well if you do, you are wrong. The Islamic religion is not about terrorizing people.It is actually a peaceful religion. Radicals who just happen to be Muslims terrorize people for their own pleasure. As a Muslim we already fought for our rights along time ago. The Qur’ an states that Muslim people should not hurt any one with out a good reason.

What People Think of Muslims

A lot of people associate the Islamic religion to terrorist. Because terrorist are usually Muslims, people think all Muslims are terrorist. This is a problem because it is very prejudice. As a fellow Islamic follower I don’t like what Muslim people have to go through. We have to go through ridiculous searches at the airport and harsh things are said to us.

Quotes From the Qur’an and Google



Google on Veteran’s Day used the Crescent  moon from the Islamic religion symbol for their E. That was prejudice. The Glorious Qur’an says: take no life, which God hath made sacred, except by the way of justice and law: thus thou he command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” [ Al- Qur’an 6:151]. This means that you shouldn't kill anyone unless it has to deal with the law or justice. “Fight in the name of God against the one who fight against you, but do not transgress limits. Lo! God does not love aggressors” [Al- Qur’an 2: 90]. This explains that you should fight the one that fight against you but you shouldn't  go over the limit and go killing people for no reason.

My Opinion

I think the United States should stop looking at a person who looks like a Muslim at the airport and assume they are trying to do something. I also think Google should publicly apologize because what the did was wrong. Things aren't fair for us.


I made my own statistics from Muslim people that I know and my class mates from school. Out of my whole class everyone except two people thought a terrorist was a Muslim person. The outcome I got from real Muslims was the totally opposite.  The thought what Google did was harsh. They all agreed that a terrorist is a person that kills innocent people for their own desires.

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1 question i had abut ur

1 question i had abut ur article is why did u choose dis topic to write abut. i think bc u get offended wen people blame all teh bombing on u guys. i can relate to dis bc pple think im indian wen im not its very prejudice. ur article made me think abut how the world trade center had got blown down on 9 /11. it was very specific and revelant to me as a reader. i like  the last sentence in ur article a lot. good job.