Monkeys and Apes


 Monkeys and Apes

      by Chain


November 24, 2010   






Hey friends and foes did you know that  monkeys and apes are not the same. Well now you do the end. you probably did know but did you know why. well they have very distinguishable differences both physical like hair hands and sometimes even facial features and appearance can look the same but trust me there different.

One of the most obvious differences between monkeys and apes is that most monkeys have tails.  Apes do not. Many monkeys have prehensile tails that they use to help them swing from branch to branch. This makes them more adapted for life in the trees than apes. However, apes can use their arms to swing from branch to branch because their shoulders are structurally different from those of monkeys.

                    Apes and Monkeys
Apes have a more upright posture than monkeys. Though both apes and monkeys walk on all fours, for the most part, apes can stand upright.Apes have wider chests than monkeys. They also have broader noses and longer arms. Most ape species are significantly larger than monkeys, with very few exceptions. Differences Between Monkeys and Apes Intelligence is Apes have larger brains in comparison to their body size than monkeys do. They are able to use tools, much like humans. They also have more advanced powers of deduction than monkeys. Both monkeys and apes share similar feelings and expressions with humans. However, apes are more closely related to humans, genetically. In fact, they are the only animals that can communicate with humans using a human language. They can learn sign language and express themselves with it.

As you can see monkeys and apes are very different but they have their similarities too. Now think about humans apes and monkeys. you can see they have their differences but we also have a lot of things in common with them. so next time you take a silly picture or record yourself don't be surprise if you remind yourself of a chimp or even Tarzan

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