Something New


It was just another day for Tiffany. She was walking to her homeroom class, when suddenly everything grew quiet. Tiffany wondered what was going on and looked up from the floor.


Then walked in Timmy Harts. The Timmy Harts, who is famous all over the school for his good looks and his great athletic skills. In Tiffany’s eyes Timmy walking in was like a superstar having a photo shoot. His dark brown hair swooshing to the side as if there was a gentle breeze, his hazel eyes twinkling, and it was like the sun’s light was following him whereever he went. Tiffany didn’t have any hope of Timmy coming up to her and taking off with her to their own wonderland. The kids in school treated Tiffany just like another ‘nerd’ who no one ever pays attention to.


But when Tiffany snapped out of her little world she found a boy standing in front of her. It was, of course Timmy. Tiffany’s heart started racing and thumped so loud, she thought the whole school could hear it. She didn’t even know what to say because no one actually talked to her.


“Hey, Tiffany right?” Timmy asked with a small grin on his face, but enough to make every girl melt.“Y-Yeah.” Tiffany answered.“I was.. wondering… A-Are you going to tomorrow’s game?” Timmy asked actually stuttering..”No” Tiffany answered almost immediately. “Oh, well you should. It’s going to be fun.”“I never went to any games so yeah, well I’m going to class now. Don’t want to be late.” Tiffany says while laughing awkwardly.“Oh yeah, well I want you to come, I’ll be waiting.” He replied while smiling playfully.


 As soon as that came, it went. Tiffany entered her homeroom to find everyone staring at her, which was very unusual. She quickly and quietly walked to her seat. “So Tiffany I heard Timmy talked to you?” a guy named Mason asked. “Yeah.” Tiffany answered trying to keep it cool, but truthfully she was dying inside about how happy she was.The next thing she knew her classmates were all over her asking questions about how it felt.


The classes were long and boring, and finally lunch came. Tiffany was sitting down on a lunch table with her lunch. She started to unpack her lunch when a shadow fell over her head. Tiffany jerked up her head to find Emily Brown staring down at her. Emily Brown was a really popular girl with blonde hair and she was a really disgusting stuck up. Emily was really mean to people she didn’t like, it’s like she’s the Devil while on the other hand Angela Harts,( Timmy’s sister) was a really nice and caring person, like an angel. Tiffany could feel Emily’s glares which were very hard it was like she wanted to make a hole inside Tiffany.


“I heard Timmy talked to you, but just because he did doesn’t mean you have the right to think you're all that, alright? Just because he talked to you doesn’t mean you’re now a princess. He probably only talked to you because he felt bad everyone was ignoring you nerd.”


Tiffany could start feeling water take over her eyes when a voice spoke up and startled Emily. “I wouldn’t be talking if I were you Emily. You’re just jealous my brother talked to her, and he doesn’t waste his breath on you.” Angela said coming up to us while rolling her eyes at the same time. Emily turned to her; well everyone in the cafeteria did actually.


“Why do you care? It’s none of your business.” Emily said giving Angela an attitude.  Before Angela or anyone could say anything Emily stormed off stomping her feet out of the cafeteria. Angela came and sat down next to Tiffany saying “Don’t worry about her, you're Tiffany right? “

“Yes.” Tiffany replied, not looking into Angela’s eyes, Tiffany felt uncomfortable not being used to sitting with others.

“My brother would probably hate me for telling you this, but I think he has interest in you.” She said chuckling a bit.

“That wouldn’t be possible; no one ever talks to me or even looks at me. Until Timmy talked to me, I was a nobody.” Tiffany sighed, she didn’t know why but she felt like she could trust Angela. “I-I don’t even have – friends.”

“Oh don’t say that, here I’ll be your friend.” Angela told Tiffany while smiling at her. As soon as she said that the bell rung for  the next class. “Oh I’ll wait for you in front of the school after class. I wanna go somewhere together.” Angel said walking away. Tiffany suddenly felt very happy and forgot all about Emily and went to next class. The classes were the same, long and boring. All Tiffany could wait for was her meeting with Angela. She was really curious about what Angela wanted to do. But at the same time she felt nervous because she thought about how if she did something stupid, Angela might not like her anymore. Finally Tiffany walked out to the front of the school to find Angela waiting for her.

“Hey Tiffany!” Angela called.

“Hi Angela.” Tiffany called back. “So where did you want to go today?”

“Oh I’ll tell you when we get to my car.” She said. Tiffany and Angela walked to Angela’s car and got on.

“Now can you tell me where wer'e going?” Tiffany asked.

“Oh I’m just kidnapping you.” She replied simply. But looking at Tiffany’s face it clearly showed that Tiffany believed every single word she had just said. “Haha! I’m just kidding! I want to get our nails done and go shopping!” she told Tiffany happily.

“Oh my gosh, don’t ever do that again! I was so scared.” Tiffany said giggling at herself.


Tiffany and Angela reached the mall and went inside. The cool air-conditioning blew into their faces. “In a week school’s going to be over! Finally! I can’t wait for summer!”  Angela exclaimed.

“Me too.” Tiffany said. The next thing she knew Angela grabbed her wrist and started running towards the nail salon.

“MOM! I’m here!” Angela yelled across the place causing some people to look at her and greet her.

“Angela Harts! Didn’t I tell you not to yell in the salon?” A young woman came out from the back, apparently Angela’s mother.

“Your mom works here?” Tiffany asked.

“Uh yeah, well not really.” Angela replied back.

“What do you mean?”

“She owns the place.” Angel said giggling. Angela’s mother came up to Angela and Tiffany.

“Oh why who’s this?” Angela mother asked.

“Oh she’s my new best buddy Tiffany Lee.” Angela answered.

“Nice to meet you darling.” Angela’s mother said turning to Tiffany.

“Nice to meet you too Mrs. Harts.”

“Well Angela, what brings you here?” Mrs. Harts asked.

“We just want to get our nails done.”

“Very well come this way.” Mrs. Harts said leading us to the back. After the girl’s nails were finished they made their way to look for clothes after thanking Mrs. Harts.

“Your mom is really good at nails.” Tiffany told Angela while looking at her nails with admiring eyes.

“Yeah, she used to always do it for me. Oh hey let's go here.” Angela said pointing at a store. Angela picked out several outfits for Tiffany and made her change into all of them. “Hey Tiffany, can you take off your glasses for a second?” Angela asked.

“Umm, well I don’t know.” Tiffany answered back hesitatingly. She had never actually taken off her glasses to show people because she wasn’t sure if she was pretty enough.

“Oh come on it can’t be that bad.” Angela pleaded.

“Umm fine, but only for a few seconds.”

“Yeah hurry!”

Here goes nothing Tiffany thought. Tiffany slid off her glasses and waited for Angela’s reaction. When there was so sound coming from Angel she looked at her to find her mouth making an O shaped motion. “Oh sorry. I knew I should have never taken off my glasses.” Tiffany felt down.

“N-No, I just didn’t know what to say. You looked so… Pretty!” Angela said laughing. “I don’t know why you didn’t take off your glasses in the first place; if you did I bet all the boys would be drooling over you!”


“Yeah girl!”

“Gee thanks. Well we should get going now, it getting late”

“Yeah I'll drop you home.”


And with that Tiffany and Angela headed home.

“Don’t forget to wear the clothes and not wear your glasses tomorrow!” Angela called to Tiffany while driving off. Tiffany got in bed feeling like she was in heaven. So I guess this is what having friends feel like. I like it. Tiffany thought and went to her wonderland. The next day was Saturday and the day of the big game. The words that Timmy had told her yesterday rang through her mind. Oh yeah, well I want you to come, I’ll be waiting. She also remembered the playful smile he had given her. Tiffany made her way to the school’s football field to go watch the game. When she got there she found Angela sitting with her friends. Fortunately, Angela saw her and waved for her to come sit with her. “Hey Angela!” Tiffany said as she made her way towards Angela.

“Hey Tiffany!” Angela answered back.

“Did the game start already?”

“Yeah, but only a few minutes ago.”

The game ended with the school winning, by Timmy scoring a touchdown and suddenly Angela grabbed Tiffany’s arm and led her down from the bleachers and to the field. “Where are you taking me?” Tiffany asked.

“Let’s go to Timmy, we have to congratulate him” Angela answered back.

Along the way Tiffany bumped into someone. Falling on the ground she stood up instantly, and started apologizing “I’m so sorry it was my mistake.” Tiffany looked up, only to find the snobby Emily Brown looking at her.

“Oh yeah? Well then this is my mistake.”  She said splashing the fruit punch into her shirt.

“Hey! What’s your problem?” they both turned to find Timmy walking up to them.

“Oh Timmy I’m so glad you came! She was yelling at me about how I accidently splashed fruit punch at her. I swear it was only and accident!” Emily said acting as if everything she said was true.

“Don’t start it Emily I saw what you did,” Timmy said looking at her angrily. “Get out of here!” and with that Emily stormed off with her followers trying to catch up behind her. “You ok?” Timmy asked softly turning to Tiffany.

“Yeah I’m fine, I better get going.” Tiffany felt embarrassed and felt like crying Emily had humiliated her in front of Timmy. There was no way she could stand here any longer. Tiffany turned to leave when a hand grabbed her wrist.

“Tiffany wait. Here have my jacket; you’re going to be cold.” Timmy said. All Tiffany could do was stare at him as he took off his jacket to put it around her shoulder. “I know I only met you yesterday but I really like you Tiffany. I’ve been always watching you and the way you smile make my day. W-Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I-I.. Yes.” Tiffany said, as she hugged him startling both herself and Timmy by her actions. Tiffany knew this was only the beginning and she knew the rest of the school year was going to go by really fast. Tiffany was going to make sure she had the best summer ever.

“By the way you look very pretty even without your glasses on.” Timmy whispered into her ear.

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