one day mean next day best friends

I walked in school for the first time after summer break and as soon as I walked in everybody was staring at me and then started to talk to everybody else. I saw a lot of new people that wasn't there last year. After my first class this girl introduced herself to me her name was Tasha he was very nice and polite. Then we just started to walk together and i had made a mistake and dropped my book and when I went to go get it I accidently slap this girl in her face and she started to bark at me She said "how dare you smack me do you want to get smack back" and I said no" I'm sorry it was by accident calm your nerves!" And they walked away. After they walked away I went to my English class and i realized that the two girls that started to yell at me was in the same class as me I was worried cause they seemed like trouble makers. Every time I answered a question they would look at me and start talking about me but I tried not to notice. After English me and Tasha went to lunch and sat at a table all by ourselves then next thing you know Tiffany and Ashley come and push me off the table and throw their milk all over me and i say hey what is your problem why do you have to be so mean change attitude and your hobby try being nice for once. "Then Tiffany said shut up punk we could do whatever we want stupid". Tasha said OMG! Girl is you okay no I'm no okay does girls need some help and fast. As soon as i got home my mom asked did i have a good day "I said no I got bullied and I'm very upset". Wow sweetie that's terrible I'm sorry I wish there was something i could do maybe you should talk to the principal and he can fix everything you're going through and" I said good idea mom thanks". The next day i went to the principals office and told him what was going on and "he said ok I'm going to talk to those girls today don't worry the principal Mr. Franklin called the girls inside and he told them to stop messing with me and they said okay and we all left the principal's office". After we left the girls said you better watch out cause were going catch you one of these days after school because you snitched dork. WHAT! i can't believe that me trying to make things better just made it worst this is starting to be the worst school year ever. After i went to math i saw them again and i saw that they were coming my way but i stayed calm and didn't say a word. They came and said hey I hope you're ready to get beat up today after school cause were going hard on you so you better watch out cause we might want to get you during classes you never know so keep a lookout dummy hahahaha! Omg why can't they just leave me alone I'm sick and tired of them i swear if they touch me I'm going to get suspended or expelled I'm really not playing now I'm going hard ball on them umm girl I don't think you should do that last year they beat up Amy in English class and she started to bleed and had to go to the hospital cause they broke her nose really hard cause they double teamed her so don't do nothing stupid cause I don't want nothing to happen to you. But it's not fair that after I talked to the principal they are still doing the same thing I can't take it anymore.   The next day I asked my mom if I can stay home from school and she said yes but only once. I was sitting down on my bed thinking about my boyfriend Omar I was feeling melancholy because we broke up because his x-girlfriend came back and he wanted to be with her again.  But I'm okay it doesn't matter I don't need him I'm better off without him.  I guess we just weren't meant to be. The next thing you know the bell rings and it's my enemies Tiffany and Ashley. I opened the door and asked what do you want and they said we came here to tell you that we saw your boyfriend with another girl and they broke I was like wait a minute why are you guys telling me that we are enemies we know but we thought we should tell sense you care so much about him. How do you know that well we bully you every day and we kind of and we know how you feel well anyway that's all we had to say by. Wow I never knew that they knew so much about me I'm kind of shocked.  So for the rest of the day I sat and thought about what they said, I can't believe he broke up with her because what about if he comes back to me well  I guess I'll have to stay strong and not think about it because I don't want nothing to do with him. The next day I went to school and when I got to my first class I had a flash back of me and Omar at a restaurant eating soup. Ughhh why do I keep thinking about him.  I have to stand the fact that we are over forever but I just can't take it out of my head.         After English class we went to prep and tiffany came over and said hey I know this is kind of weird that I'm talking to you but me and Ashley want to apologize about what we did to you sense we came. Wow I never taught this day would come but anyway apology accepted now let's act like it's the first day of school and we just met for we could become the best of friends how does that sound good said tiffany and Ashley.
                                The end
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Nice colors and long story

Nice colors and long story the title matches with the story


thank u

thank u