persuasive essay final draft


       Bullying  Have you ever been bullied because the bully does not like your race or your personality? Bulling about peoples race or peoples countries or family is bad because that can lead to depression to the person that is being bullied. It can lead to that person in a violent way to the person that is being bullied in the type of way of suicide.

          I think that all the administrators that work in the schools should take bullying more seriously so students can have a better education, to convince the administrators to do that they should give them a raise of about 10 dollars an hour. This is how much most of them get paid now. There should be no bullying in New York City or anywhere else because then that ruins the education of the students and the child that is being bullied. The second reason is there should also be no bullying because teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with that, they get paid to teach and you are taking away other student’s time. Lastly I think your wasting your parent’s time. Your parents work very hard and they have to waist there time for the choices that you made.

         There should be no bullying in New York City or anywhere else because then that ruins the education of the other children and especially the child that is being bullied.  Cyber bullying and stalking bullying is extremely dangerous.

      When I say cyber bullying I mean when someone bullies you through any internet communication such as aim, face book, twitter etc. when I say stalking bullying I mean when the bully follows the person to their house or where ever there supposed to go. Most girls do cyber bullying in a way by saying bad words to hurt there feelings and gossip in school and spread rumors. Boys do it in a more violent way Such as fighting.Cyber bullying goes more with girls and also gossiping in schools goes more with girls also because they don’t really like to fight they rather spread rumors about you and be fake and talk about you behind your back  and also say bad words to each other through any cyber communication. Here are is 1 thing that girls would spread rumors about you, 1 thing girls would talk about behind your back, and 3 things they would tell you through a cyber communication area. 1 thing girl would spread rumors about you is about the way you dress. 1 thing girls would talk about behind your back is your additude or the way you dress. 3 things girls would say through cyber communication is  if you have face book they would tell you how bad you look in your pictures, another thing they would tell you is bad words, lastly they would tell you that you stink and don’t take showers.Most boys like to do it in a more violent way and some like to talk about it. The boys that rather do it in a more violent way are boys that don’t do well in school that disrespect there parents that act like there big and tuff  when there really not there just acting like that. The ones that like to talk it out are the ones that are calm and don’t like to cause problems and do very well in school and also respect there parents and there teachers. Those boys are going to get somewhere in life. The boys that act big and tuff are not going to get no where in life there just going to live with there parents for ever and there just going to jail.         

        Here are 2 opinions from a girl and 2 opinions from a boy about what they think about other kids being bullied. This girl says this, Corinne Wilson, a 13-year-old Rockdale, Texas, girl, was bullied until she took her own life on Oct. 6, 2004. She felt nobody liked her, and became depressed from the relentless attacks by girls at school, I found this opinion on this website This assistant principle says, Sheila Armijo, the assistant principal at Belen Middle School said they have a problem with bullying, especially among girls, I found this opinion from this website news- bulletin. This boy says, I personally think that bullying is for people who have nothing good in their lives so they want everyone else to feel the same way they are feeling. The bullying needs to stop!, I found this from this website the this boy says, I have no friends and I was bullied as child on facebook  I added popular guy few months he knew low self esteem he was calling me names putting me .saying I am this and that he knew I had no friends and low self esteem and he blocked .every time I have new Facebook with friend of friend picks on me on block I would have zeros interaction with him and he picks on me and blocks no good reason that hates me for nothing. always picking me never unblocks he has at least of my emails address he did again yesterday because I made with his friend he didn’t  like it so pick on me blocked me yet again .I have nothing against despite him verbal abusing me for 20 minutes. He has been doing this the last 4 months. Blocking me all the time when I have no interaction I can’t make friends with his friends. So I stay friendless because of him. he very popular I am not I have no friends he has he be grudges me friend blocks me makes me feel bad I did nothing yesterday to get blocked he just picks me because he cant fight back so yes popular kids pick unpopular I am the proof of it, I found this opinion in the website called live               

                In conclusion, what I think about kids bullying other kid’s especially is a violent way. I also think that kids should be careful what they say to other kids because then other kids take it in a bad way and turn emo (emo is when a person expresses there emotion in a violent way. I think we can change kids bullying other kids and saying things to hurt other kids, one way is by giving those kids that are being bullies counseling because  think they do those things because they don’t get enough attention at home. Another way that we can change the kids that are being bullies is by making a school that goes from 3rd – 8th grade because in third grade is when kids start to mostly bully.