r harrigan

i am like a

       wast space  to society,

                  they are ignorant and fools

                            to have believe so,

                                          i am more like a

                                                  river flowing in every direction ,

                                                            seeking new adventure,

                                                                     living life on the edge,

                                                                            breaking through obstacles

                                                                                  that stands in my way,

                                                              they think of me as

                                              a fragil glass,

                                    once again their judgment are wrong ,

        there is far more then what

                                   the naked eye reveal ,

                                                   i am as sneaky as

                                                               a theif at dawn,

                                                                          i flow a never ending path,

                                                                                  leaving a mark in which 

                                                                                                so deadly

                                                      you wish you had been more