Raymond's run


In the story “Raymond’s Run” the author, Toni Cade Bambara, is trying to say that if you have a birth defect or not you still can be a normal person. Squeaky always look out for her big brother Raymond, because as she   always said that “he’s not quite right” (23). Squeaky is not happy about the things people have to say about her brother such as calling him big head. If there’s   anybody wants to talk about   Raymond, they would have to go through Squeaky, who is not into a lot of talking. She said “ I much rather just knock you down and take my chances, and if things get too rough, I run”. She has to make sure that Raymond doesn’t go out into the street or play in the mud. So far she has done a great job, by taking care of her brother.

Gretchen and her sidekicks Mary Louise, and Rosie continue to say bad things about Raymond .Squeaky was very dedicated, and have her hands full by taking care of Raymond ,and still doing the thing that she loves best. Squeaky would prance down the street to keep her knees strong for the race. Gretchen have a lot of negative thing to say about Squeaky, and Raymond but that didn't stop her. She continue to take care of Raymond, and was successful in whatever she was doing. Squeaky used to win the twenty yard dash when she was a little kid in kindergarten .And nowadays, she wants to be in the fifty yard dash. And tomorrow she want to be in the quarter meter relay all by herself and come in first, second, and third (24).So far almost everyone is talking about how Gretchen is the fastest person out of the whole school. Squeaky thinks that Gretchen only wants to win the fifty yard dash. Now some people is acting like some things are always easy to them but not me I think that something are hard .After school Squeaky when outside to practice on her speed for the fifty yard dash but the bad part is that Squeaky has to her brother Raymond with her. When Squeaky was   strolling down   Broadway , Squeaky was breathing in and out. When   she was getting ready to cross the street, Gretchen and her sidekicks Mary Louise, and Rosie came out of no were. Gretchen ask” who   used to be a friend of mine when she first moved to Harlem then to Baltimore”. Gretchen also talk about  Squeaky like she a dog,  and Rosie,  who is as fat as I am skinny and has a big mouth where Raymond is concerned and is too stupid to know that there is not a big deal of difference between herself and Raymond and that she can’t afford to throw stones (25-26).

The story’s theme statement   is if you have a birth defect or not you still can be a normal person. And I believe that theme statement    is apart to my life because I have to take care of my sister how is now eight years old. She is a normal person and sometime she needs help with things she can’t do. At school some kids are bullying sister to that she can’t take to no more. But I still help her with anything she needs. This story Raymond’s run doesn’t   just   tell a true story it also true by a person life and this is the end of my essay of   Raymond’s run.                                                                                                                                                              


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