Dark Night

                Dark Night

Have you ever felt alone?
Its a very dark night.
You hear a dog bark
Its coming from the park.

Its a really dark night
Theres gonna be a park fight.
You start to lose eye sight
Your starting to get very tight.

Do you ever lock yourself in your room?
All your fun is ruined.
Don't wanna see anybody else's face
Dont even know your own race.

You sit in the dark with your music really loud
Theres a huge crown outside waiting to see you.
You aint got a clue though

You turn away from the arrow.

You always hide your face
Dont wanna face the fact you dont know your race.
People say you look Spanish
That makes you wanna vanish.

You disappear into the clouds
No longer visible.
The crowds are the last remaining
You was always complaining.

People try to talk to you
You throw them to the side.
Your day is always blue
You aint got no pride.

People look at you funny
You look them up and down.
They try to make your day sunny
They dont want you to always have a frown.

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are you trying to write

are you trying to write about batman but its very good




Nice poem .. good work .. 

Nice poem .. good work .. 

Nice poem i like the detail

Nice poem i like the detail



sound despressing but I

sound despressing but I liked it!